Teach and Preach: 4 Big Benefits of Shopping Locally

benefits of shopping locally

Did you know that if the people of an average American city were to shift 10% of their spending from chains to local businesses, it would bring an additional $235 million per year to the community’s economy?

This statistic, provided by eLocal.com, is just one of the many eye-opening benefits of shopping locally.

As a local business owner, you already know firsthand just how crucial it is for people to reinvest their money back into their own communities rather than choosing to shop at big-box retailers. But do your customers?

Sure, they know they’re getting a great product or service, but do they understand the true value of what they’re doing not only for your local business, but your community as a whole?

In today’s blog post, we’re highlighting four BIG benefits of shopping locally so you can help your customers understand why making the decision to spend their money at local businesses in your community is so important.

Benefit 1: Kick-Start Your Own Economy

Local First Arizona urges, “Shift to a locally owned business and help your local economy. When you spend here, your money stays here.” [Tweet this] Whether you’re shopping for food, grabbing a quick item from a store, or searching for a local service provider, a simple shift on your part can help support and improve the quality of life for everyone.”

Now think about this: For every two jobs national retailers bring to a community, three jobs are lost as a result of local businesses closing down. [Tweet this]

What can you do? Show your customers the value of shopping local by letting them know that supporting a local business means creating new jobs (and helping to ensure job security) for people in your hometown.

Benefit 2: Celebrate Your Community’s Charm

Walmart, Applebee’s, Starbucks… once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But a local business? You’ll never see one that is exactly like the next. And that’s one of the benefits of shopping locally because they’re not cookie-cutter chains — local businesses are all different and run by a hardworking member of your community.

Local First Arizona says, “Independent businesses are unique enterprises that contribute to the character of our community by offering a more diverse selections of goods and services.”

What can you do? Keep the charm of your community alive by showing your customers the value – and beautiful diversity – of shopping local. [Tweet this]

Benefit 3: Invest in Your Community and Its Future

When a person chooses to shop local, their money has a much stronger impact on their community than it would have if they’d chosen a large retailer.

Check out these stats from Local First Arizona that highlight some benefits of shopping locally:

  • For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 remains in the local economy and $27 leaves. [Tweet this]
  • For every $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, $43 remains in the local economy and $57 leaves. [Tweet this].

Plus, local business owners care more about their community than big-box retailers. Sustainable Connections notes, “Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future.”

What can you do? Tell your customers thank you for spending their money locally – where it truly matters and makes a difference on the lives of those in their community.

Benefit 4: Get the Personal Customer Service You Deserve

It’s not often that you go into a big-box retailer and feel like your business is truly appreciated. But go into a local business and it’s usually a much different story.

You’re often greeted by the owner who shows their gratitude by providing you with attentive, personal customer service every time. Local First Arizona says, “Independent businesses provide meaningful service with a personal touch. It matters to them that you are satisfied and will come back again.”

Sustainable Connections makes a great point regarding why local businesses offer better customer service than chains: “Local businesses often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to get to know customers.” Go where you’re valued and where your money can truly make a difference by shopping local. [Tweet this]

What can you do? Let your customers know that you will always value their business and appreciate any purchase they make, whether large or small.

Keep the Shop Local Movement Going

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How do you educate your customers on the benefits of shopping locally?

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