Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy: 17 Tricks to Succeed

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Bloggin’ ain’t easy.

You’d probably like to hear that blogging is easy — but as the headline plainly states — it ain’t. Blogging takes time, effort, practice, and the desire to constantly learn and get better if real results are what you’re after. But when done correctly, blogging can help you gain exposure and credibility for your local business, two key elements of online (and offline) success.

Since we know that coming up with blog ideas and learning how to create the types of posts that grab your customers’ attention are time-consuming tasks, we’ve done it for you!

Check out our blogging tips below!

Blogging Tips: 6 Ideas for Writing Posts

1. Tell your story. Let people know why you do what you do. Why did you start your business? What inspired you? Go behind the scenes to show people the personal side of your business.
2. Curate. Round up your favorite blog posts from the week and tell your readers why they’re your favorite. Be sure to include links to the other blogs so you can start connecting with bloggers in your industry. Why? Maybe they’ll link to you in a future post, sending even more traffic your way!
3. Guest blogging. Invite other thought leaders in your industry to write a blog post for you. This is a great way to add credibility to your blog and a new ‘voice’ to your blog posts.
4. Top 10 lists. People love lists. For example, create a top 10 list of your favorite organizational tools. Any type of list with any number of items can work.
5. Reviews. It’s always nice to get another opinion on a product or service. Why not share yours with your audience?
6. Current events. Write about the latest events going on in your industry.

Blogging Tips: Creating Must-Read Posts

Content is king these days. So how can you make your blog stand out? Here are a number of ways to ensure a great reading experience.

  • Aim for optimal length: You want to make sure your content is long enough that it draws in your readers, so try to get it to at least 250 words minimum. Don’t worry too much about going past that length, however. As long as your content is good and you’re providing useful information, it’s the substance that matters; not the word count.
  • Avoid duplicate content: Make sure it’s fresh and up to date.
  • Compelling images: Include images that convey what the post is about. Every post should have some sort of visual element. Try Flickr’s Creative Commons for free images or check out iStock for images you can purchase.
  • Formatting: Make copy easily readable and keep changing it up so readers don’t get bored.
  • Mix stock and flow: Stock = original content. Flow = links to articles with commentary.
  • Series of posts: They keep a reader coming back. Think about what topics most interest your readers and consider doing a series on each of them.
  • Call to action: Try to have at least one call to action. Tell readers exactly what you want them to do.
  • Timing: The best time to post is in the morning from 7-9 a.m. – but always test this. The optimal time might be different for your readers.
  • Headlines: Have an interesting headline that grabs attention.
  • No rambling: Have a clear takeaway from the content.
  • Design: Simple, clean design makes it easier for readers to enjoy your content.

Bonus Blogging Tips

Still want more blogging tips? Be sure to also check out our blogging series, created by guest blogger Greg Taylor, for even more helpful tips and tricks!

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    This is a great post, Shannon! Top 10 Lists (#4) are probably one of the most effective. Especially if they are about people. I like to write articles such as “20 Photogrophers You Should Be Following” and then email everyone on the top 10 list! It creates massive virality and shares! 🙂


    • Shannon Willoby says

      Thanks, Josh! Emailing everyone on your top 10 list is a great tip. Tweeting them also works well, especially if they have a lot of followers and retweet your blog post.


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