🎄 5 Surprising Facts About Holiday Shopping on Mobile

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Are you reading this blog post on your smartphone? If a recent report from Facebook is any indication, you’ll be clicking away soon to knock out some Christmas shopping.

The report looked at Facebook and Instagram usage data from the 2015 holiday season to understand how those platforms impact Christmas shopping. Considering that approximately 80% of time on social media is spent from tablets and smartphones, it’s no surprise that the study looked closely at mobile.

We already broke down the broader report into a day-by-day guide for how to sell to Christmas shoppers on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the mobile impact on Christmas shopping.

1. Mobile Christmas Shopping Is Growing.


One of the most incredible things about consumer technology is how quickly adoption grows once the market accepts it. Between 2014 and 2015, the share of online Christmas shopping done on mobile (as opposed to desktop) grew by a whopping 33%.

And these mobile shoppers are persistent! Small keyboards. Lost signals. Bad mobile layout. No problem! If these barriers presented themselves, 46% of buyers came back to purchase later.

2. Mobile Christmas Shopping Is Social.


Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are incredibly important discovery channels regardless of device. On mobile devices, they’re even more important than Google search.

Compared to the average consumer, mobile shoppers are 1.81x more likely to get gift ideas from Facebook and 1.85x more likely get them from Instagram.

So, yeah, remember to keep your social posting schedule humming throughout December.

3. Mobile Christmas Shopping Is Spontaneous.


My social feeds have been clogged with fake news stories and political ponderings for months. I’m personally eager for the good ol’ days when my feed was all nature pictures and must-have products.

Thankfully, with the election over, the old feed will be back soon.

Like the line to the cash register at the grocery store, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds are well-stocked with easy impulse buys.

No wonder 61% of mobile shoppers are still buying in December and 25% consider themselves “spontaneous” shoppers.

4. Mobile Christmas Shopping Is Not Entirely Selfless.  


Treat yo’ self? When it comes to the Christmas shopping habits of mobile shoppers, the answer seems to be f*ck yes!

While approximately half of all consumers buy holiday gifts for themselves, self-gifting is especially popular among mobile shoppers – 63% of whom treat themselves leading up to Christmas.

5. Mobile Christmas Shopping Doesn’t Stop on Christmas.


Facebook users generated 800 million posts on Christmas Day and nearly 700 million of those posts were submitted via mobile. When those folks returned to check their likes and comments in subsequent days, they came armed with their credit cards.

And they came strong!

How strong? Well, consumers are 1.39x more likely to shop on a mobile device between December 26 and 28 than on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Great! So, Now What Do I Do?

Data is great. Action items are greater. Here are three things you can do this holiday season to reach more mobile shoppers.

  • Consider how your romance text and product images will display on smaller mobile screens.
  • Don’t forget content for the self-gifters, impulse buyers, and day-after shoppers.
  • If you’re running social ads, be sure to include mobile users in your target audience.

Wait. You’re still here?

Before you click away to a shopping site, check out our day-by-day guide to attracting Christmas shoppers on Facebook and Instagram and 12 days of Christmas email marketing tips from Mailchimp.

Happy holidays!

How do you encourage mobile Christmas shopping from social?

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