Content Marketing for Crafters: Win More Customers With Words

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As a crafter, you already know it’s hard to get the attention of customers online.

But your handmade items deserve to be seen — and purchased — so how do you go about getting more traffic to your site or online store?

The answer might be through content marketing. Or, more specifically, through starting (or refining) a blog.

Here are six content marketing tips that’ll improve your website traffic and get customers shopping with you.

1. Create Evergreen Content

When you create content for your blog, most of your views will come from the day or week that you post it.

However, that post is always going to be available, so it needs to be relevant no matter when someone reads it. (Which is the definition of ‘evergreen content.’)

Try writing blog posts that will be relevant to your audience no matter when they read it — whether it’s in two days or two years.

  • For example, if you create costume pieces, you can write a piece called ‘The beginner’s guide to creating a cosplay costume,’ as people want cosplay information all year round.

You’ll often see content marketing tips that tell you to target keywords that are relevant to your audience as well. You can do that by searching on Google’s Keyword Planner and then targeting the keyword you choose in your evergreen blog post.

If you’re new to SEO (search engine optimization), read this post for the lowdown.

2. Look at What Your Audience Wants

First of all, you’re going to have to think about what your audience wants. When they visit your site, what do they need from you?

The quickest way to find out is to ask them.

You can do this in several ways. You can create a pop-up poll on your site when they visit, or ask your email subscribers using a free tool like Apester.

Ask questions like, ‘What do you struggle with when looking for gifts?’ or ‘What kind of jewelry do you want to see from us?’

The more specific the questions, the better.

If you don’t have an audience yet, try looking at what your competition is doing.

  • What kind of content do they create?
  • What are they giving their audience?

You can then use that to create your own plan of attack.

3. Keep the Quality High

Here’s one of the best content marketing tips we can give you: No matter what topic you’re writing about, the quality of your writing has to be on point.

People have short attention spans online and if you’re not giving them what they need right away, they’re going to click away.

  • A good way of doing this is to put your main points up front, so they get the information they need right away.
  • You can also use bullet points and numbered lists to help make the information you provide easy to read and digest.
  • Short intros are important too — you don’t need 500 words to introduce what you’re writing about. Get to the point and get to it quickly.

4. Write Clean Copy

The fastest way to turn readers off is by writing copy that’s full of spelling errors, or is difficult to read. It looks unprofessional, and can reflect badly on you.

For example, always be sure to proofread your writing. You may think your copy is clean, but it’s amazing what you can miss.

As well as this, check your grammar. Bad grammar can be spotted a mile away, and looks awful.

5. Be Yourself

If you’re writing posts for your own business, add a personal touch to them. Readers connect more to content when they can see the face behind them.

As this is the case, don’t be afraid to tell the reader stories, or share your crafting process with them. The more you just be yourself, the better.

6. Use Content (With Permission) From Elsewhere

As a crafter, you’re already part of a close-knit community. You can take advantage of this when you’re creating content.

For example, you could have a friend write a guest blog about their particular craft. You could also use images from craft fairs you’ve been to, showcasing your items as well as others.

If you use content from other creators’ blogs, social media accounts, or websites, be sure to get permission before you do so. Once you have permission, credit the quote and add a link back to their site — or credit the image with a caption and a link.

These content marketing tips will help you create better blog posts for your target audience and, hopefully, lead to more sales for your awesome handmade items. Great content entertains and teaches — aim to always do both.

Will you use these content marketing tips for your handmade business?

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