Doin’ It Dracula Style: How to Give Your Business Immortality

Count Dracula

To teach you how you can make your business live forever, we’re going right to the original immortal source: Count Dracula.

Remember the good old days when vampires were dark, dangerous, and let’s face it, downright sexy?

Yes, the original blood-sucking immortal who started the world’s fascination with our fanged friends isn’t anything like the sparkly, skinny jean-wearing vampires of today.

On the contrary, Dracula, with his fine black cape and slicked-back hair, was an undeniably classy gent; as well-respected as he was feared.

So who better than the most revered vampire of all time to teach you how to give your business immortality?

OK… if we’re being technical, Dracula didn’t exactly live forever; he went out nobly with a stake through the heart as many good vampires do, but his legacy continues to live on today.

If you’re ready to learn how to make your business live forever (or damn near close to it), we’re going right to the original source: The most dashingly dangerous vampire to ever roam the earth: Count Dracula.

Fit the Part

Count Dracula Business Lessons

If you want your business to last, it’s time you took a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror.

As a business owner, you are part of your brand’s overall image. If there’s a huge disconnect between how you present yourself and what you have to offer, well, this could be the first nail in your business’ coffin.

For example, Count Dracula was a downright terrifying, yet debonair, vampire – and he fit the part perfectly. He lived in a sprawling, decaying castle as one might expect. He had a bevvy of ladies at his disposal at all times, and dispose of them he did, quite often. His wardrobe was elegant, yet macabre, and it helped to elicit both respect and fear in those he came into contact with – but would you expect anything less?

If you’re going to be a business owner, you need to look and act like one. Know your industry in and out so you can speak intelligently about it at all times. If your brand calls for a suit and tie, don’t show up in shorts and flip-flops. If you have a more casual, fun brand, embody that.

Remember, your company lives and dies with you. So don’t be afraid to sink your teeth fully into your business to ensure you align with every bit of your brand. Just make sure you do it slowly and with class, like Dracula would.

Capitalize on Your Strengths

Count Dracula Business Lessons 2

Screw Team Edward. Team Dracula all the way.

If you want your business to live forever, knowing your strengths will be as vital to your success as blood was to the Count’s very existence. Would Dracula ever go hunting on a sunny day? Of course not! He not only knew what he did best, but made it a point to use those skills to his advantage every night of his life.

One of those skills was the ability to read people’s minds. An unfair advantage? Perhaps. But Count Dracula knew it could assist him in getting what he wanted most. (Hint: It’s crimson in color and full of vampire-sustaining properties.)

As if reading minds wasn’t quite enough, Dracula also had the unethical ability to hypnotize women. Maybe he needed this edge because undead dudes with fangs tend to be more frightening than seductive to most? Regardless, using this power definitely helped the Count kill it in the bedroom, and beyond. (By the way, who needs Viagra or Cialis when you have the all-natural rigor mortis going for you?)

Similarly, but definitely more ethically, business owners should learn to seduce their customers with irresistible offers, quality products, and the type of customer service that leaves ’em, literally, begging for more, because these are strengths that can extend the life of any business.

Knowing the areas in which you excel and making it a point to actively showcase them will help your business grow stronger and more successful with each passing day… not unlike what happened to Dracula each time he claimed (and drained) another victim.

Know Your Weaknesses

Nothing will suck the life out of your business faster than refusing to identify (and find remedies for) your weaknesses.

And what a pointless way to go out, because, let’s face it, no one is great at everything, not even an ancient vampire with superhuman strength.

Yes, no matter how formidable Dracula was, he couldn’t ignore the fact that daylight simply wasn’t his friend. At night he was almost unstoppable, but during the day his powers just weren’t as strong, and he had to sleep, making him vulnerable to attack and heightening the possibility that his captives could escape.

But did he let this stop him? Don’t be silly. He did what any vampire worth his salt would do: enlist the help of a band of local gypsies. While he got his beauty rest during the day, his loyal gypsies ensured his captives stayed put in his castle — and they also blocked any attempts to send letters out for help.

See? If the Count could swallow his pride like a fine glass of red and ask for help, you can too. Not good at finances? Hire an accountant. Need a little help putting your business plan together? Find a mentor you can trust. Want to get better at marketing? Set aside a little time each day to learn and get better.

Pretending that you don’t have some areas in which you could improve will do nothing but send your business six feet under faster than you can say “get a crucifix.” And by that point, nothing, not even holy water or a whole bunch of garlic bulbs, will be able to save it.

Creating an Ever-Lasting Business

An insatiable appetite made Dracula a very successful vampire, but it’s also what can make you the proud owner of an ever-lasting business. From creating a unified brand and capitalizing on your strengths to confronting the areas in which you could use a little work, a successful business owner’s thirst for growing stronger, getting better, and achieving more should never be quenched.

Remember, your business’ lifespan depends largely on you, so if you’re still dying to create an immortal business, go after it with the unabashed gusto of an ancient vampire stalking his prey. (Just in a less terrifying, non-bloody way.)

Make Count Dracula proud: Share your ideas for achieving business immortality below!

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  1. Doin’ It Dracula Style: How to Give Your Business Immortality

    To teach you how you can make your business live forever, we’re going right to the original immortal source: Count Dracula.

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