3 Things All Entrepreneurs Would Do if They Could Travel Back in Time

ecommerce entrepreneurOnce again, I find inspiration in the oddest places. Have you seen the Netflix show, Dark? It’s a — well… dark German thriller about time travel.

It’s got a great storyline. And yes, I did glean some valuable tips to pass on to you, dear ecommerce entrepreneur.

Imagine for a moment that you could time travel to back when you started your ecommerce business. What would you do differently? What mistakes could you avoid?

Let’s look at what might be on your list.

Time Travel Tip #1: Start With a Better Plan

I get it. When you first became an ecommerce entrepreneur, you were excited.

So excited, in fact, that you didn’t bother to take the time to put together a comprehensive business plan. And so ever since then, you’ve been bumping along aimlessly.

What’s the purpose of your business? Where do you want to be in five years? These are questions you can’t answer, and as a result, your business may not be as successful as it otherwise could be.

One of the characters in Dark, Jonas, explores a cave of secrets but finds nothing until he’s given a clue on a map. With that guidance (which you could consider a plan), he now uncovers the secret he’s been seeking.

Having a business plan from the get-go gives you a direction to move in.

If, from the start, you know you want to earn a lot of money and work extra hard so that you can retire early, that will shape how you run your business.

Knowing who your customers are and how to best reach them also guides you to success.

Time Travel Tip #2: Don’t Try to Be an Ecommerce Entrepreneur Who Does It All on Your Own

You’ve prided yourself on being able to be more productive than a one-armed paper hanger (who ever came up with that odd analogy?).

But over time, you’re starting to fatigue from being a one-person operation. You know you could do more, if only you had help.

And while it’s never too late to hire staff and delegate work to others, imagine how much more your business could have done if you’d brought on help from the beginning.

In Dark, there are a dozen or so characters all operating independently. As the viewers, we see that, should they all collaborate, they’d solve the mystery sooner and get back to a somewhat normal existence.

Get rid of your ego and get help.

I guarantee you’ll be able to serve more customers and bump up your revenues if you do.

Time Travel Tip #3: Realize You Can’t Change the Past

One of the big lessons in Dark is that the past is set in stone. Everything is fate.

So while you might beat yourself on the head about the mistakes that you’ve made, realize that everything you’ve done up until now has led you where you are.

Yes, even the errors.

The best you can do is let go of the past and move forward.

Focus on making deliberate decisions that serve your business. Get advice from others. Read business books and blogs.

Do everything you can to be the best ecommerce entrepreneur you can be.

If you could time travel to when you started as an ecommerce entrepreneur, what would you change?

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Susan Guillory

Susan is the president of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing and social media firm. She’s written three business books, and blogs about small business on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, The Marketing Eggspert Blog, and Tweak Your Biz. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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