Etsy Alternatives: 5 Places to Sell Your Handmade Items

Etsy alternatives

Looking for Etsy alternatives? Hey, I don’t blame you! It’s always smart to branch out – especially if that means you get to sell your products in multiple places.

After all, the more places you sell, the more chances you have to reach a wider audience and create a following for your handmade items. (That’s called being an ambitious business owner!)

The following Etsy alternatives have been broken down by how much they cost to join (if anything), listing fees, what you’re allowed to sell, and what you get for giving them your business.

Let’s get started!

1. Scott’s Marketplace

As far as Etsy alternatives go, Scott’s Marketplace, an online marketplace dedicated to local business owners in the United States, is number one in my book. And I’m not just biased, I swear. You get a professional online store for free – which means it’s a low-risk option for small business owners.

Here’s the lowdown.
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Listing fees: None
  • Unlimited products: Yes
  • Transaction fees: 4.99%
  • Highlights: Free marketing support, including advertisement, retargeting, social media, email marketing, blogging, and site-wide promotions.
  • Allows chains/large retailers: No – only local business owners can sell their products
  • Products allowed: Handmade and vintage welcome, but not restricted to those items
  • Search engine optimized
  • Discount-code enabled
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to add multiple product images

2. Shopify

Shopify allows you to choose from 100 different themes and gives you a professional-looking online store, but comes with a hefty monthly fee.

Here’s the lowdown:
  • Monthly fee: $29-299
  • Listing fees: None
  • Unlimited products: Yes
  • Payment fees: Starts at 2.9% + 30 cents and goes up from there
  • Transaction fees: 0.5%-2%
  • Products allowed: Handmade and vintage welcome, but not restricted
  • Highlights: Customization of your store
  • Search engine optimized
  • Discount-code enabled
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to add multiple product images
  • Analytics dashboard

3. Bonanza

etsy alternatives for crafters and handmade sellers

Bonanza allows chain stores and international sellers to sell their products, and provides a free trial. They take a commission based on the price of the item you sell.

Here’s the lowdown:
  • Monthly fee: $12-167
  • Listing fee: None
  • Unlimited products: No, limit depending on membership type
  • Transaction fees: 3.5%
  • Products allowed: Handmade and vintage welcome, but not restricted
  • Highlights: Customization of your store
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to add multiple product images

4. Cargoh

To sell on Cargoh, you must first submit an application and wait for approval. Their transaction fees are also higher than most, coming in at 8%, but their site is curated and attractive.

Here’s the lowdown:
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Listing fees: None
  • Unlimited products: Yes
  • Transaction fees: 10% of sales.
  • Products allowed: Only handmade sellers, artists, and designers can sell their products, if chosen by the marketplace
  • Highlights: Curated marketplace

5. Artfire

Artfire allows international sellers and has a similar Etsy-esque feel. You can sell everything from art to art supplies here.

Here’s the lowdown:
  • Monthly fee: $20-40 per month
  • Listing fees: Standard- Up to 250 listings $0.23/item
  • Unlimited products: No, limit to 2,500 listings
  • Transaction fee: None
  • Commission fee: 3-9% of sales
  • Products allowed: Handmade, vintage, craft supplies, and design.
  • Highlights: Customization templates
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to add multiple product images
  • Analytics dashboard

Get Started Selling!

I hope this rundown of Etsy alternatives has helped you find a new place to sell your handmade items. (Possibly a couple of places!)

Keep in mind, no matter where you choose – or what features your online store comes with – you have to do your part when it comes to marketing or you won’t see the sales you desire.

If you need help marketing your store, whether you’re on one of these Etsy alternatives or another, here are a few blog posts to get you started:

Share your thoughts: What Etsy alternatives have worked for you? 


About the Author

Shannon Willoby

Shannon is the director of content marketing for Scott's Marketplace and has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. (Or crayon.) When she's not blogging, you can find her daydreaming that she's Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.


  1. says

    Great advice!! I am in the process of moving my entire inventory of supplies and handmade items from Etsy to my own site at Big Commerce, which is another great way to sell and it is super easy to do and you are in control of your stuff!!

      • says

        I have been an Etsy seller since 2007. What drew me to Etsy was its commitment to the artist and single owner businesses. Etsy’s policies have changed now to allow manufacturing and in my field, Bridal, I see many mass produced items sold as hand made from head pieces to wedding gowns mass produced in China. I was successful with reaching customers that were looking for high quality silk bridal veils and made sure to my brides the exceptional customer service they deserved when purchasing such a special item. I tried Artfire for over a year back when their fees were $10.00 per month. I did not make a single sale. I promoted the Artfire as much as Etsy. The thought now of paying $20 per month and a commission is ridiculous. I have two shops on Etsy… which carries my Bridal veils and headpieces and a new shop, which sells my line of knitting and crochet stitch markers. I am looking for a new place to sell, so Scotts and Cargoh interest me! Great article, and very helpful articles on SEO too!

          • Brenda says

            I sell my products on Facebook on my personal page and have made many sales that way. It is free to list your own things for sale on your page, and you can sell to people local to you.

          • says

            I just signed up at scotts and did a quick search on there. In just a few minutes I found several mass produced/china items 🙁

          • Shannon Willoby says

            Hi, Lisa, we are not an exclusive handmade marketplace. We focus on businesses within the U.S., but we do not restrict the origin of their products. Our goal is to promote the shop-local movement all across the U.S. by giving local business owners an affordable way to sell online — and not all local business owners are handmade sellers.

          • Shannon Willoby says

            Hi there. Right now the customization feature is not available to all stores, but will be down the line. Thanks!

        • Anne says

          I think I’ll start with Scott’s and see how it goes. Thanks for taking the time to give a thorough comment.

      • Christy says

        I just want to say thank you to everyone for the helpful info. I’m in the process of getting my business up & running, so I’m looking for places to post my crafts. I will be checking out Scots Marketplace.

      • says

        There are a few other sites you didn’t mention like Zibbet, Amazon Handmade & a couple of others I’m blanking on right now.

  2. says

    Artfire is awesome! I got in on the promotional amount so I’m paying less than half the amount listed in the article. It really can’t be beat because it’s the only fee with that service. I’m on ‘vacation’ right now, but won’t give up that fee price point.

    • Sukanya Mukherjee says

      Great advice Shannon , I am curious about Artfire Promotional amount mentioned by Jeanne. Was there some scheme on during January? I couldn’t find any that is on now. If you could please clarify .Thanks in advance.

    • says

      I have a great monthly fee at Artfire, but I don’t pay a transaction fee as stated in thei article. I do not have access to all the new features there, though. there are some problems with Artfire, and I will be getting out of there as soon as I can figure out an alternative!

    • Candy says

      What do you sell? I sell Crochet items and am scared of changing if it’s not profitable. Thanks so much!

  3. says

    Scott’s Marketplace is too time consuming!Every item needs to added manually, no bulk upload. I don’t think I can do that. Store looks not attractive, no personal flair like on Esty. I run an Etsy shop since 2009 and for 2 weeks on shopify. Happy with them. Shopify has so much to offer, Etsy could improve buyers feedback section. Other than that, Etsy sells most my items!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, LittleFruits, your products are adorable! We are in the process of beta-testing our bulk-upload tool, so if you decide to open a store, please send me a link and we will get it turned on for you!

    • says

      I also have an Etsy ( ) as well as as Shopify website, and due to Etsy’s marketing and popularity, most of my products sell there. But I love having full flexibility with my own website. Particularly being that I’m an herbalist and Etsy allows no hint of a medical claim in a listing, which is good for the most part because there are many unfounded claims out there. But I know a little bit about what I’m talking about, and it’s fun to be able to share that knowledge with others through my Shopify. 🙂

      • Kellie Soper says

        I am also an herbalist (well currently officially studying), I’m a second generation learned from my parents who were herbalists. I looked your etsy shop up, and cannot find it. I was looking for marketplace platforms to market my items, and I was intrigued to see how other herbalists run theirs. I would love to follow you. Do you still have an online shop?

  4. says

    Was on Artier for free but gave it up as there were few sales and horrid customer service. Just joined Scott’s Market Place..still on Etsy, hoping this will work out 🙂

  5. Christine says

    I’m on Etsy as well. I’m considering a shop on Shopify but am also looking at StorEnvy. Any recommendations between those two?

  6. says

    I have an Etsy and StorEnvy shop. StorEnvy doesn’t charge any monthly or listing fees. They only take their percentage when you make a sale through their Marketplace but I can’t remember the percentage right now. I have had better sales through my Etsy store. Haven’t made a single sale on StorEnvy thus far and I don’t really like how the shop looks, even after putting in my own customizations.

    I’ll have to check out Scott’s. Thanks!

    • Sherry Pchuck says

      In my opinion, I would stay away from Storenvy. Had a friend on Etsy who’s design was stolen, picture and all, from her shop on Etsy, and listed in someone’s shop on Storenvy. She has been trying, with very little success, to get Storenvy to implement their “no tolerance” policies against intellectual theft for a month now. Storenvy has STILL not removed the listing at this time, and the offending store owner has ignored this completely and won’t take the listing down. In my opinion, if a Marketplace doesn’t stand by their policies, I will look somewhere else – there are too many places that WILL.

    • says

      I have been on Storenvy for a while. Most of my sales have been “offsite”, they see it on the site and contact me and we go from there. I was on Etsy about 7 years ago but the constant listing fees were killing me and then the reason I got involved with Etsy disappeared. They became mass market instead of one of a kind or handmade items. So I dropped them. Traffic isn’t great on Storenvy but I also have a facebook page and a buy sell trade group dedicated to handcrafters. I haven’t been doing much due to health reasons but with resolved health issues I hope to get back in the game.

  7. says

    I am currently evaluating online commerce sites, so this post was helpful. I see that Zibbet was not mentioned in this article. By appearance they look very similar to Etsy and boast easy import from Esty as well. They also had a promotional fee structure awhile back but no longer. They have a free through monthly fee, but no transaction or listing fee. Number of products depends on your monthly payment level. Thanks for the info!

    • says

      I’ve had a shop at Zibbet for years. I got in on a promotion so have a lifetime account. Their monthly fee is very reasonable. Johanna is right about no listing or transaction fee. They’re certainly worth consideration.

  8. Annette says

    I have had my crafts on Scotts for a while now, no sales. During the same time period on Etsy sold 20, Never tried the other sites

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Annette, I am happy to hear Etsy’s successful for you! They pay a lot to drive traffic to their site… we are working to be as big (and better!) but we know it’s frustrating not seeing any results. We have a lot of great things in store for 2016, so we’d love it if you’d stick around! And then best part is, there is no fee unless something sells. Have a great day!

        • Shannon Willoby says

          Hi Sharon, we’re a newer marketplace, yes, but we have big plans for 2016. Hope you’ll stick around to be a part of it.

          • says

            I’ve seen a LOT of ads/mentions of Scott’s! I have some time today, so I think I’ll go ahead & open my store! Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings for BOTH of us!

      • Brenda says

        That must be a new thing because use to there was a 20 cents listing fee right up front per item listed, plus they charged 10% of your sales. So if you sold a design for $1,000 you lose $100, and that is a lot to lose. The only way to get the true money you need to make to gain a profit you would have to charge 10% more so you still can make a decent profit on your return. To me its too much to lose and not enough to gain.

  9. says

    I’m on Etsy, Scott’s Marketplace, and Big Cartel. What I like best about Etsy and Scott’s Marketplace is that they promote their shops. Lots of other art markets don’t appear to do this and expect you to direct your customers directly to them. I like sites that advertise as it brings me customers I don’t already have.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, Stacey! Payments are handled through PayPal, and we charge a 4.99% transaction fee — but that’s only when you make a sale. There aren’t any membership or per-item listing fees. Thank you!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Cassie, there is a box that you can choose to select (or not) for your address. So it definitely won’t show if you don’t want it to. Thanks!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hey there, I actually did not link to any of the sites. You just have to do a quick search to find the ones you’re interested in doing more research on. Thank you!

  10. Cdubs says

    Nice to know you answer comments. Zibbet’s dead, good communication by the owners, thouh, Cargoh doesn’t pay much attention to their sellers and it feels like they are going out of business, Etsy is pretty good, Artfire has made so many chnges and currently there are so many bugs, people are leaving or have left in droves, but they are trying. No seller or people communication. I still get a few sales there, but not like in the past. Used to be better than Etsy. 3 Sisters closed down not too lomg ago. It must be tough to run a selling venue. I’ll check out Scott’s.

      • says

        I work with both handmade Jewelry and vintage jewelry. I also have a doll clothing line, dance tutu’s and sports tutu’s. Handmade doll beds and much more. I have all kinds of vintage items as well. So I guess what I am wanting to know is would I be able to sell all my products in one place? I have been on Craft star and I have sold nothing since I have been there,

          • says

            How many sellers do you have and are they actually selling, I am very interested in selling on Scotts market and I am willing to give it a try. The only issue I have is I have not sold anything in almost a year being on craft star and I have tons of merchandise in jewelry both handmade and vintage and I would really like to get something sold and soon as I have new product that I have been working on as well that will be ready soon as the children’s line and the doll clothing line

          • Shannon Willoby says

            Hi Kimber! Thanks for your interest! We have 10s of thousands of registered stores, but fewer stores are active on a daily basis. We currently don’t share our traffic statistics with the public, but there are tools like that estimate where they believe sites like ours rank on a global scale. Our traffic and sales continue to grow month over month. We are a small but powerful community that is only continuing to flourish and we hope you’ll stick around to witness and benefit from the growth!

            Thanks again for reaching out and if you have any further questions, please let me know.

      • Gwen Bowers says

        In process of trying to open a store in Scotts have requested to join the fb group so I can get tips

  11. says

    I run a little company in Australia for the Handmade community here called The Handmade Exchange. I am very hands on with customer service and interact within our online markets. We charge $10au per month to be featured on the website and promoted in newsletters and on Facebook/twitter. In markets, we take 10% commission from sales and in the soon to be active Retail Gallery Store we will take 20%. We run the business like a retail, face to face store, with a lot of personal customer service, and our customers, and artisans seem to love it (as do I).
    Thanks and have a great day!

  12. says

    Been on Etsy since 2008 and I find it really helps to cross post your listings to your FB page, and especially Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc…. You have to tickle the machine – I call it. Also on Amazon Handmade and researching other sites as well. Will check these others out. Thanks. I’m The Magic Bean Company on Facebook groups and Laineybean on Etsy:

  13. says

    Storenvy’s another great free alternative that should be listed! I think you’d like its flow as an Etsy alternative. I’ve been really happy with it.

  14. says

    Tried Bonanza for 3 days. It was advertised as a free promotional period for 2 weeks, but they immediately charged my credit card. They have not responded to a single request for help. And you cannot cancel their service on line. Had to put a stop and scam alert on my paypal and cc accounts. I definitely do not recommend them.

  15. says

    I use StorEnvy. It’s a free store unless you want to pay for add-ons (I spend $5 a month for coupon codes, which DEFINITELY bring in sales for me.) And they do not charge a transaction fee unless a buyer finds you via the Marketplace (in which case it is 10%). However, you can close your marketplace store and only accept sales through your own storefront.

    They are also really quick at responding to emails.

  16. says

    It is sad that Scot’s Marketplace available just for local sellers from US, not worldwide. I would love to try this too, I am selling on Etsy but this place looks interesting to me.

  17. says

    Love the article! I have an Etsy shop that I’m really trying to get to the point of truly making money for me. I have a few loyal customers, but would love to see it make a steady income for me. (My husband passed away and I still have children at home – I don’t want to go out into the workforce right now!) I just tried Scott’s Marketplace, but the photo upload thingy doesn’t seem to work – it just spins and spins it’s wheels! Plus, am I going to have to put in every item individually? That might be a bit too time consuming right now. At any rate, your site looks quite interesting. I think I’ll browse around for a bit. 🙂

  18. D says

    I browsed through the comments to see if anyone mentioned this – I don’t want to be repetitive. I didn’t see a mention of BigCartel in the article. Any thoughts on them – positive or negative? I am looking into Scott’s Marketplace as well now thanks to this post, but have been researching other selling markets, and was curious about it.

  19. says

    Bonanza has a monthly fee if you actually want your items to show up when someone does a site search.

    I am doing well w/ they allow handmade too~!

    There is also Zibbet. I did not have much luck on there but some ppl do.. as well as Ecrater.

  20. MKPhx says

    I just had to abandon my attempt to open a store at Scott’s Marketplace because the form wouldn’t accept my perfectly good phone#, which is exactly the number of digits the page keeps telling me it should be. So far I’m not impressed

  21. Erin says

    I have both an Etsy shop and an aftcra shop. I noticed aftcra wasn’t on this list, but they’re an online marketplace exclusive to handmade products that are made by artisans in the USA. I’ve used their Etsy Importer tool to do mass uploads and it’s super easy, as is uploading any products. If I ever had any problems the customer service team at aftcra is very responsive and helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this list! I’ll definitely check out some of the other options on this list if I ever want to expand outside of Etsy and aftcra.

  22. Erin says

    Another site that I love to use is They also have a live auction portion of their site called The Land of Odz. Not only can I sell my handcrafted items but I have found fantastic deals on supplies. Free to sign up and low seller fees.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hey, Lisa! We try to catch as much as we can, but we don’t catch everything. We will contact the store to clean up their language a bit. Thanks for your help in catching that!

  23. Charlie Boyd says

    I have an Etsy Store…but sometimes I don’t think it’s worth the effort…I get a lot of lookiloos and items favorite by my team…but not many sales. I will definitely look into ScottsMarketPlace!

  24. Sasha says

    Looking for a venue to replace etsy. Disappointed that your site is not sophisticated or elegant enough. Should have banners for shops, etc.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi there, happy to hear you’re considering Scott’s Marketplace as an Etsy alternative. We will have customization down the line to offer the stores, but right now that section is undergoing a makeover. Many users didn’t comply with the size limits so it made the site look clunky, thus prompting us to remove that feature for now. Thanks for your comment, Sasha!

  25. Julie says

    I, too, would like to see shop banners. Makes your shop more personal where now, it’s a bit generic. I haven’t listed in my easy shop for a while so I’ll give scotts a try.

  26. says

    i was on storenvy for a bit, when i first started trying to sell didnt realy have income to pay etsys fees. but now im on etsy and enjoy it, but traffic is kinds slow and sales have dropped, so its likeim not getting found even when i promote on SM id like to think its not that no one wants my product… might set up a secondary shop somwhere else. i still have too many biz cards to leave etsy all togther 😛

  27. Carol says

    Shannon – is there a section in a store that shows how many sales they have made and reviews? Once you list an item where will land in a search after it’s been listed for a month? Do listings expire? Thanks

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Carol, there are reviews available for each product. Listings do not expire, but older ones do fall to the back of the search. Hope that helps!

  28. says

    I would not suggest ArtFire. I joined on Jan 25, I listed nearly 100 items and the sales started pouring in. However, none of the sales showed up on my main page, I was not notified of any of the sales and the products had to manually removed. My customers could not leave feedback or comments, or contact me. None of my product show up in their categories, and I am by no means happy with their customer service either who keep telling me they are working with it, but nothing has changed.

  29. says

    I have an etsy and sales have slowed a lot since they started letting company style businesses to sell there & big manufacturers from like china and stuff.
    Still keeping my shop there but looking for more exposure. Really like the idea of this place & already have recommended it to some of my fellow “artist alley” friends. Going to be setting up shop as soon as they transfer my account from a buyer to a seller.
    Looking forward to seeing this site grow.

  30. Mike says

    Artfire sucks. They sent us an email telling us that we had duplicate products, which was totally untrue. I tried to respond, they wouldn’t answer. They cancelled our account, and we couldn’t even get back into the account to see what orders were outstanding that had already been charged to the customer. We just had to wait for the credit card chargebacks to come in. Totally unprofessional outfit.

  31. says

    So, the first thing I did is check out Scott’s Marketplace, and went to my category –bohemian wedding dresses, which the closest was Clothing – formal. And on the very first page, all I see is cheap Chinese dresses selling at ridiculously low prices! Handmade in the USA??? I think not!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, Deborah, we are not an exclusive handmade marketplace. We focus on businesses within the US but we do not restrict the origin of their products. Our goal is to promote the shop-local movement all across the U.S. by giving local business owners an affordable way to sell online. Your Bohemian wedding dresses sound beautiful and I wish you luck selling on any/all platforms you choose. 🙂

  32. says

    Hi Y’all, I have had a shop on etsy since 2010. I sell hand crafted jewelry. My sales have been slow. I have a FB page also. I recently opened shops on Bonanza and E-bay which I sell collector’s items. I do craft shows and make sales. I don’t know why I am not selling on Etsy.

    • says

      It takes effort to sell your items on Etsy. It is not just a matter of listing things and waiting for them to sell. Photos, tags, descriptions and titles are important to get your items to the top of the search engines. Renewing 2 or 3 things a day also helps, since the default after relevancy for the search engine is” most recently listed”. There is lots of help on the internet. Renae Christine has videos that are free that will give you tips on how to sell on Etsy. Check the forums too. Good luck!

  33. says

    What about eBay? It has been up and down for me, but I’ve sold there for 18 years now!

    I’ve had my Etsy shop for 9.5 years and it’s ok, but still isn’t much more than a little extra money. I prefer to stay in my niche (primitive & rustic folk art) rather than painting mason jars or sticking vinyl letters on stuff.

    I tried ArtFire for a couple of years; I’ve been done with them for 4 or 5 years now. The ONLY things I sold there were 3 items to 1 person who didn’t want to register for an Etsy account! (At the time, ArtFire had a guest shopper option which didn’t require a log-in.)

    I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to knowing where to sell. Despite this, I’ve never heard of Cargoh. It looks like a nice-enough site, but why are the images chopped off on the right side of my laptop screen? If it’s optimized for mobile, perhaps they (like Etsy) should realize that SOME shoppers still use laptops (even desktops!).

    • stephanie gros says

      I think us small businesses are going to be overrun on ebay, by the businesses that sell china made stuff for dirt cheap…but i am following these comments to try and learn something!

  34. says

    I asked a question at least 10 days ago about how your search engine works and what products will show up first in customer searches (since you do not charge a renewal fee and renewals are not necessary, how are products listed in the search?) I never got a response and my question is not listed here. I started out on line years ago selling at a marketplace called Street Fair America where there was no listing or set up fee, just like your site. I never had a single sale. At least on Etsy, I have some control of where my products show up in the search by spending 20 cents to relist them.

  35. gwen says

    I had a scott’s marketplace store for several month, only got a couple sales. I would have left it up, except trying to print & ship was SOO clunky. Also, there was no option to copy an existing listing to make a new listing, so you had to enter every little thing over and over again for each listing. I just couldn’t take it. If there’s a bulk tool, I might come back. Please email me info on that (

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Gwen, we’d love to have you back and will be rolling out some awesome improvements this year! We do have a bulk tool in beta right now, so please email our customer experience team at if you would like to have it turned on for you. Thanks!

  36. Elsie Anderson says

    I checked out a few places and noticed that retail stores are in fact probably selling imports and other mass merchandise. So this is not really a place for handmade in America, only businesses in America which can include hand made and imports as long as the business is located here. Is this correct? I am accustomed to craft shows which jury crafters to ensure that everything is authentically made by the seller. No commercial items allowed.

  37. Tracie says

    Does the 4.99% transaction fee include or exclude paypal transaction ? On Etsy, they have separate listing fee, transaction fee and the sellers have to pay paypal transaction fee too. So the total fee sellers have to pay is about 7 – 8 % of the total sale (something like that i don’t remember). Can you explain in detail about this ? Thanks. I am really interested in Scott Market place because it seems that sellers don’t have to calculate all of the fee they have to set up.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, Tracie, the 4.99% transaction fee from Scott’s Marketplace does not include the PayPal fee. (But we do not have any listing fees or membership fees!) Feel free to reach out to our customer experience team at if you have more questions. Thank you!

  38. Kristin Burton says

    What are the policies for digital goods? Such as bottle cap images? Do you have automatic download option? Thanks

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Kristin, we have no download feature in place at the moment, but it’s in the works! For now, it is absolutely fine for you to email the product to the customer directly. Please just make note of that in your description so the buyer can expect an email from you. And bottle cap images are allowed. Thank you!

  39. says

    Thanks for the advice,I was a member of Artfire years ago but went to Etsy and am in the process of leaving there,they have gotten way to expensive,I will check some more of these out.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hey there, Mamgu! Sorry, not at this time. Scott’s Marketplace is for local business owners in the U.S. Thanks!

  40. Tamar says

    I am surprised Zoe was the only one mentioned E-Bay. I never had luck with Etsy, Too many items and my items never come out in search. I did a promotion now and not one hit. I don’t like how they list their items and when if you leave the search results it brings you back to the beginning. When I put items on E-Bay it always sells. The catch is that people are looking for bargains there, so I just put surplus inventory there. I will give Scott’s marketplace a try. see how it goes. wish me luck!

  41. donna says

    I am trying to get my store at Scott’s Marketplace up and going…..I have listed the item price, shipping prices however it keeps saying I have to list more than $0.00, which I have done…..why won’t it move on to the next page

  42. Barbara Sanderson says

    I just closed my shop on etsy and have been looking for a good alternative. Since etsy went from hand crafted to who cares, it doesn’t fit my needs anymore.

  43. says

    Great list…thanks! Will be looking into these…right now I have my guitar pick jewelry on Etsy if only because it’s consistently selling there. Another one that I don’t see mentioned though is Indiemade…I have a site there and it works very well for me. I pay about $15 a month for the storefront, shopping cart, etc. Best thing with indiemade is that once a client gets to your site, they are not seeing a bunch of related items being sold by other vendors…just yours. I also made my prices higher on Etsy (about $2.50 per item) to offset the fees that I pay there. My indimade site has my “regular” pricing.


  44. Tina M Comroe says

    Question: I sell my bjd patterns as pdf digital downloads..does your site support that? or am I stuck with Etsy?

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi there, we do not have a digital download feature right now but it’s in the works! However, when a customer buys from you, you can email them directly to send the download until our feature becomes active. Hope that helps. Thanks!

  45. says

    Just checked scott’s site and I see lots of Chinese mass-produced items and that was just on my first search for lighting products. I’m looking for a handmade selling site with a little oversight from the administrators…Bonanza is awful, is like an eBay but with no visitors…Been there for like five years with not a single sale…

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Jay, we are not an exclusive handmade marketplace. We are for local business owners in the US but we do not restrict the origin of their products. Our goal is to promote the shop-local movement all across the U.S. by giving local business owners an affordable way to sell online. We actively engage with our sellers and have a Facebook group where you can share/receive advice/tips from other sellers and chat with customer experience team members on a daily basis. Thanks!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, Jay! Yes, I do work for Scott’s Marketplace and it says that right in my bio under the blog post. 🙂 I was being a bit facetious when I said I wasn’t biased — but the blog post is fact-based (not opinion-based) regarding each site I mention, and I did that on purpose so readers can make an educated decision as to which site(s) are right for them. Thanks!

  46. says

    i have 3 shops on etsy my boutique my supply shop in my digitizing shop im gone to give scotts a try see if i like it two of my etsy shops are currently on vacation. so ill play around with scotts in see what you have to offer

  47. says

    Just a note, Bonanza does not charge monthly fees unless you purchase premium memberships, as for a store with over 10,000 items. If I have THAT MANY items in my shop, I better be doing REALLY WELL with sales! Transaction fees can also vary, depending on the type of advertising you want them to do on your behalf. Mine are usually more like 4.5% or so.

  48. says

    Another alternative is Aftcra. However, the problem I’m finding is that no one I know has every heard of ANY of these. These are all good if you’ve already spread your name out there.

  49. says

    I sell my products on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and my own website but I am always looking for new marketplaces. I am going to try out Scotts… already made a shop. Thanks for all of the info!! Cheers

  50. says

    Thanks for the rundown on all the selling options. I know I need an online presence but I feel like I’m so “small” at this time, not sure it’s worth my time to really set up a shop. However there is a show I was doing yearly that just closed its doors so I may decide to set up an online shop. I have an Artfire account (Stringingdreamsandbeads) but I have not been keeping it up and I’m going to close it…$20 per month is steep and I’ve only sold one item on there. I think I’d like to check out your site.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Well, that’s how you grow, right? By trying new things and making your products more accessible for your customers. (Both current and prospective.) We’d love for you to give Scott’s Marketplace a try. There are no monthly fees and you only pay a 4.99% transaction fee when a product sells, so you aren’t losing money if you aren’t selling. Here’s the link:

  51. says

    I am a professional sculptor, don’t make my Etsy mistake. I had some apparel designed (my designs, not available anywhere else) and had a factory make them. Got me banned for life. I can spend three days making a photo essay and get reinstated, but I have a business to run and I am not going to allow another man/woman to make me jump through hoops. Seems more than a little draconian and a lot baby-with-the-bath-water.

  52. Cindy says

    I have also been looking at Spreesy which gives you an active ink to sell on Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook & Twitter

  53. Patty Coe/Patty's Dream Designs says

    I have tried ArtFire, Handmade Artist, and had some success. Now I am on Zibbet and Ebay. no sales on Zibbet so I may not renew that one. I am having most of my sales on Ebay. I am going to check out your web site with some of my new jewelry items.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      That’s awesome, Patty! Admirable how you’ve tried so many spots to sell your jewelry. Glad you’re going to give Scott’s Marketplace a try as well! 🙂

  54. says

    Is Scott’s Marketplace planning to add more color to differentiate between stores? Very drab and you see the Store mane before the item’s name…kinda backwards. No way to get noticed… and

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, Heather! Thanks for the feedback. Customization will be available down the line, as well of some additional improvements!

  55. says

    New ScotsMarketplace vendor! I just opened up my store on your site. Thank you for offering the venue. I am an Etsy seller and a long-time online seller. Question: I have set up my profile, shop info, etc..and was looking around for a spot on Scotts to put my business logo–am I missing it somewher? Thank you.

  56. Tama says

    Thank you for this article. Just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. I am preparing to open my own online store for handmade products. I am familiar with Etsy, and Amozon, but none of the others mentioned. I was a little shocked at what I experienced. First, shopify. I googled it, and never did get past the part of the site that wa about opening a shop. Never did find the stores. So those of you with stores on shopify, this could be a hurdle for others and prevent traffic. I decided, just from some of the responses here, that I am not interested in Bonanza. So I did not even look at the website. Artfire and cargoh was okay, except wasn’t easily navigated. Artfire, the seach wasn’t working. Do not know if that is a regular problem, but wasn’t working when I was on the site. On cargoh, when ever you would go to a products page, then go back to the page with all the products displayed, it would always take you back to page one. No matter what page you were on. Kind of aggravating. I could see me moving on to another website instead of fighting with it. I really liked Scotts marketplace. The shops looked nice, and was easy to navigate. I wish the pictures were larger, but I wonder if it wasn’t due to the way the pictures were taken. I still have a lot to do before I open a store, but thought I would share what I learned with everyone here. Thanks again for this article. Very informative. I hope what I wrote makes sense. I am being interrupted by my 3 year old Good luck to eveeryone

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Tama, thank you for all the info you shared! I’m sure online sellers will find it helpful when choosing new or alternate places to sell. Have a great day! 🙂

  57. says

    I sell greeting card and invitation templates. Do you allow downloads for photoshop files? I also do the designing and customers can upload photos on my website. Is the upload feature available?

  58. says

    I was going to sign up for Scott’s Marketplace but, like someone else said, it doesn’t have bulk upload or a linked shipping like Etsy. Too much work…

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi there — we do have bulk upload — but it’s in beta so it has not be rolled out to all sellers yet for that reason. If you would like bulk upload turned on for your store, just email our customer experience team at and they will be happy to do that for you. We have many other improvements and new features rolling out in 2016 as well. Thanks!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Ludmilla, this post is intended to give you information on each marketplace so you can decide for yourself which ones you’d like to sell your products on — it’s up to you to visit their sites directly. A quick Google search will supply that info, but most will be the marketplace’s name + .com. Thanks!

  59. says

    I’ve been on etsy since 2007 with great success. Just joined scott’s marketplace to branch out. Do I have to transfer all my items one at a time?

  60. says

    Great information Shannon! I am always looking for ways to expand my business and will look at giving Scott’s a try! I hadn’t heard of it before now so I am glad that I stumbled across your article. Another avenue I took was to setup a wix store and opened my own and love the ease of adding content and editing, uploading etc. I added a completely separate store to this but you could also add your etsy store right into your store within your website which is a nice feature as well. I find it’s all about having multiple avenues to sell your work!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi, Joanne, are you asking about Scott’s Marketplace? If so, you are right, we are U.S. only. Where do you sell your products now?

  61. says

    Love this article. Etsy has bene great but I’m look to add venues to .
    I love working from home online and would love to expand sales to provide needed jobs to local folks. Would love any input…: ) Thanks again for posting this!

  62. says

    Scott’s Marketplace needs a Wedding category and several subcategories, such as flowers, invitations, dresses, veils, favors, etc. I opened a shop there, but I can’t properly categorize my items so I think they are going to be difficult for customers to find.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Thank you for the feedback! Improving Scott’s Marketplace is important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions. We take feedback like yours very seriously. Please know, category improvements are underway, but in the meantime, having keywords and a concise product title will help shoppers find your awesome products. Thanks, Kim!

  63. says

    I have two shops on Etsy and I used to get a lot of traffic, but Etsy changed a log and traffic has been slow. I am looking for other ways to sell. Currently trying out Amazon Handmade, and so far no sales yet. I also have a storenvy shop, which I link to and I made a few sales but not recently. Artfire I tried a few years back when they had the promotion, but I didn’t get any sales from them, I was very disappointed. They had many good features, but the design of the website was not good. Since I’m a graphic designer, the look of the shop was very important to me too. I did not like how Artfire looks.

  64. April O''Hearn says

    I just signed up for Scottsmarketplacce. I am very new to this Just started making my products about a month in a half ago. Just wondering how to really get going with selling my items, and what I can improve on to sell itmes.

  65. says

    Hi Shannon! I just set up a shop for my daughter with a new marketplace called OurVillage. Their fees are a flat $5 per month regardless of sales volume; AND since they’re new, the monthly fee is waived for all of 2016!!!

  66. Barbara says

    On the same evening, I listed the same item with the same photos, descriptive copy, etc. on etsy, aftcra, and ebay to see which would sell my item for me first – who would do the best job for me. Well, etsy sold first so I have stuck with it. I did this a few years ago when the new owners of etsy were making many changes that I wasn’t sure would benefit my small shop. I have had a shop on etsy since 2008.

  67. Jennifer says

    Went to set up an account. I tried uploading a photo 3 times and nothing would show up in the thumbnail. I went to the next page anyway and was going to connect my Paypal but in the description (after logging into Paypal) it says “Monthly billing for Scott’s Marketplace”. I thought there wasn’t a monthly billing price? Why would a charge be labled as that if there isn’t a charge and I also never saw how much that would be.

  68. says

    Hello Shannon and everyone. Is there a way to copy my listings from to scotts marketplace or do they have to be listed separately? I have worked tirelessly for the last month setting up my store. I have 250 items i’d like to initially add. Thank you.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Tammy! Please email our customer experience team at so they can turn on our bulk import tool for you. It’s in beta right now so it’s not automatically available to everyone quite yet. Thanks!

  69. says

    Great share. Don’t forget apps like LETGO and 5 miles as well as facebook groups that are local to you. There is always CRAIGSLIST too. I put out a book a few years ago on Amazon. We all love to create and selling a few items here and there is just added gratification! I’ll be sharing this post on and looking at more of your articles. Well done!

  70. says

    Also im shocked Depop isnt mentioned here. They have FREE listings, just charge comission. And the rad part about it is they auto matically pay themselves from your payment so youll never ever be late or youll never owe them money. They just take it so you dont have to worry about it!

  71. says

    There is another new site that id totally free – Not much traffic yet as it is still fairly new, but worth checking out.

  72. Rick Koen says

    Has anyone had any experience with the new Amazon Handmade Market? We were invited to setup a storefront, but I haven’t listed any items yet. Initially it is just the Amazon seller fees, but eventually it will go to their $29.95/month fee. We want to try it during the “free” period to see if it will generate enough business to justify the cost.

  73. Tami says

    I can agree with everything that has been said in this blog except for the statements about ArtFire. I was with ArtFire for a number of years however at the end of 2015 they tried to take a payment for my store and because they were not able to get it (my fault not theirs) they dropped my store from a “preferred” store to just a seller. Again, my fault not theirs but on top of that they changed their selling platform and started charging an monthly fee that ranges from $20 to $40, a per item posting fee of $.26 per item on some of the lower level “stores” and a 9% commission. And then they decided that they only want to feature handmade and artisan made products and completely dismantled my store so they could charge me the fees while telling me that my products (I hand make jewelry and baby shoes) were all commercially made. I dropped ArtFire after I saw one of their “featured” products that looked like an old painted mason jar with toilet paper flowers stuffed in it. My advise. . . stay far far away from ArtFire!!!

  74. Ron says

    I have also seen a huge amount of local sales pages on Facebook and bid pages. The bid pages are especially good as you set your price most have zero charges just rules and you may make more. also the ones I belong to have certain days twice a week they meet in certian places to do all exchanges so there is a group of sellers twice a week all at the same place same time for an hour. This makes it much safer and allows bidders to pick up everything from everyone at the same time. search your city name or area name and words like bid, buy, sell, trade. Facebook has a link once you find one I’ve seen that lets you see all similar in the area you specified.. Boom multiple places to sell your goods locally with no cost, security in numbers, and minimal time doing the actual exchanges. example and one of my favorites with great rules on Facebook is called “Columbus And Surrounding Area Auctions”.

  75. Lori says

    How about links to the sites? Looking for some place to sell.. Etsy ain’t cutting it. I think in 5 years of being at Etsy I’ve sold 2 items…

  76. says

    I tried Scotts some time ago…and most of the others. I’d like to know who is getting sales on Scotts and others? I closed 2 Supadupa shops that did not sell, I have a shopify which I love but little traffic. On etsy since 2006 but sales have died. Maybe handmade is out? I would love to hear.

  77. kel says

    Why would you sell on Scott’s when the fee is more than Etsy? As for Bonanza, basically the same as Etsy but zero traffic (had a shop there when fees were less and closed it) . I have no experience with the others, but basically the smaller the venue, the less your traffic is going to be. Unless you’re established enough to have a stand alone website, the others are pretty much wastes of time.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Kel, thanks for the comment. Scott’s Marketplace has no listing fees and helps market your products everywhere from email to social media and paid ads. Thanks!

  78. says

    Bonanza is a dead horse, the staff has ruined that site for sellers. We sell some items on ebay and mostly on Etsy,. When I see non-handmade, non-vintage, non-supply items in Etsy I report the item, or the shop if appropriate and so far all of them have disappeared shortly after I did that.

  79. says

    My shop is on Etsy ( ) also, but since their change of allowing China and big box store to flood it, sales and views are way down. I’m right now selling knitting equipment my husband makes and my knitting patterns, but I’m restarting my custom Bling jewelry and hesitate spending the listing fees on Etsy. I may just move over to Shopify for the Jewelry portion right now and leave the rest on Etsy and see how it goes..

  80. says

    Looks like cargos is already gone. I was meaning to add more product listings there but the site doesn’t comeout at all. It’s always said when e-commerce companies close. I am happy they are just down though it possibly not because it doesn’t even display a notice saying they are underconstruction. Thanks Scott’s market place for working hard to give sellers like me to give us great experience.

  81. Jasmine says

    Me too looking to list my items in another site other than the big BS E. so many reseller, copying and using others photos, using other makers work, when you report to E, guess what who’s store BS E. close? the real makers store and NOT the infringer. I’m glad I found this page. I wonder how many stores LEFT E. this year?thanks

  82. Gretchin says

    Scotts Marketplace is like a really crappy version of etsy. Not user friendly and the overall aesthetic and lack of professionalism within the website itself should be another reason to just stick to a site you know and trust.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Gretchin, we are bummed to hear this assessment of our marketplace! We’d love to change your mind about our abilities and professionalism, so if there is anything we can do to assist, please drop us a line at if you’re selling or shop@ if you’re shopping. Have a great day!

  83. says

    I just posted something on Scotts Marketplace just to give it a try, I figured why not…lol Well, the one thing I noticed that I don’t like is there is no calculated shipping. That is one thing I love about Etsy! I never have to worry about losing money on the shipping. Now if someone wants to order my item from California I’m going to be screwed big time with the shipping! :/

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Roni, you’re right, we have limited shipping options at this time. Most sellers quote USPS flat rates such a priority mail to cover their losses. Some sellers even price a bit higher but then refund the buyer if they end up paying more than the cost. We realize this is a bit more work on your end, but please know, we’re working on shipping improvements as we “speak! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to customer experience at

  84. says

    I have the advantage of being a web and graphic designer, so I use WordPress with woocommerice for my off-esty selling. Not something everyone can do, but I love having total control over every aspect of the site! The disadvantage,I have to fix my own issues and I can never decide on a design, so I’m always redesigning. Oy.

  85. says

    Anyone sell digital art prints? I paint digitally and my paintings would have to go for at least $225, as I spend at least 15 hours on one piece. I see ‘art’ on Etsy that sells for $20 supposedly hand done paintings, which royally screws artists looking to sell for what they’re actually worth. So I don’t know if any of these platforms is viable for actual artists. 🙁

  86. Heidi says

    I was looking into “Cargoh” I liked the styling…it sounded interesting and I liked the flat fee. The website seemed interesting. I liked that it was juried. But just so everyone knows.. under the fine print it is going just like Etsy… here is what is in the fine print taken from the Cargoh site “Cargoh represents independent brands of all shapes and sizes. Although we are huge lovers of handmade, we are not just a handmade marketplace. We realize you didn’t hand make that American Apparel shirt, but as long as you have put your unique stamp on it, we’re all good.” This is similar wording from the Etsy site… which is how they started allowing China manufacturing in to Etsy. It’s all going in the same direction. This is unfortunate. Etsy is hard because we are so flooded with the manufacturers now but it is still less expensive and it’s an easier way to advertise…sharing the sites on Social media, Facebook, etc. Using the site to drum up interest in your business. Not just selling through Etsy. This is a tough handmade world…Keep on plugging along and building…

  87. says

    Thank you for this informative blog, it is greatly appreciated. Since free is for me, I think I’d like to check out Scott’s Marketplace in the near future. I don’t mind a small percentage coming off my sales if I don’t have to worry about a monthly fee. 🙂

  88. says

    After about 1 1/2 yrs on Etsy, my sales have been very consistent for the past 1 1/2 years. Looking to diversify with other avenues besides Etsy as well. Thanks for all the comments/ advice. Has anyone tried Houzz?

  89. says

    Been looking around the Marketplace Shannon. Wondering if there is a way to see how many pieces a particular store has sold or where to go to see reviews. Is any of this info available? thank you!

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi there, Renee! We are working on improvements for the sellers. Updates are coming, including store performance analytics. Currently, there is not a way for a shopper to see how many items a store has sold. There are reviews available for each product however, but not individual store reviews. I hope that helps!

  90. says

    I got on Artfire when it first opened. By getting six or eight, I forget, people to sign up I got free for life. I’ve been on there, never paying any fees for several years now. I’ve only made just under 1000 sales on there. It’s nice because I don’t have to pay fees but it’s not enough sales to ever shut down my ETSY shops. I have four ETSY shops with about 35,000 sales. I made selling online my full time job. Thank you for this article, I’m always looking for new places to sell my things, I figure, the more places I get to put them, the more I get to sell. Good article.

  91. says

    I’ve been selling on Etsy for several years but it seems like there’s always a hidden fee that keeps popping up. I knew about the 20 cent per item listing fee, and about the % of sales fee, but I just figured out they’re also charging a “threshold balance” fee (or something like that, I can’t remember exactly what it’s called). I don’t sell lots of items, but I don’t make a huge profit because of all those fees. If Scott’s Market Place is a straight 4.99% and no other fees, I’m definitely going to check it out!

  92. christy says

    land of odz or is a great new aution site. i have done qwll with it. free to list and 3 ;percent of your sale

  93. Jessica says

    I just read this article. I found it very fascinating. The comments and your excellent replies caught my interest. I am going to go over and friend request you and then also put up a link for my friends/family on Facebook. I just started some crafts, but not ready to even put anything on FB, but if I get things going I will most definitely come to you! Thank you for the article and all your sweet and intelligent replies.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      That’s great to hear, Jessica! You can definitely join our Facebook group, but first you do have to open a store on Scott’s Marketplace. Looking forward to seeing your products on our site. 🙂

    • Shannon Willoby says

      That’s great to hear, Jessica! You do have to open a store first to join the Facebook sellers’ group, but we’d love to have you! 🙂

  94. says

    I have an etsy store, but I also recently opened Indie Made Store. The monthly fee is less than Shopify and you can integrate your Etsy products. It still needs a lot of work, it brings less revenue than Etsy, but it is relatively new, so it needs a bit more time and work and hopefully will be worth.

  95. says

    Does your site allow things such as Essential Oils and products made with Essential Oils? IS it completely free? If not, what exactly are the fees. Are the transaction fees per item or per order?

  96. says

    There is also Zibbet, I got in when they were still beta testing so I’m locked in to $79/year for the site and they use paypal for payment.

  97. says

    I sell printable items on Etsy (bowwowcreative). At checkout, the digital items are automatically available for download to my customers. They then print them on their own. Does Scott’s Marketplace offer instant downloads or will I have to email my digital products to my customers? Also, what category would printable items fall under?

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Julie, you can email your digital items to your customers and you could put them in the ‘custom art’ category. If you have more questions, feel free to contact our customer experience team so they can help you at Thank you!

  98. Ellen says

    Great article. Thorough and answered ALL of my questions. I love the detail! Great information. Which is why I’m sticking with Etsy. I am a one person outfit that mainly sells to friends and family. I cant afford a monthly fee. Etsy is reasonable, people like it and it allows Paypal, which people like.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Hi Ellen! Glad the post answered your questions. Just to clarify — Scott’s Marketplace does not currently have a monthly fee — but we do have a 4.99% transaction fee. And we also use PayPal. Thank you! 😀

  99. Sherri says

    These are all fine if you are an artist or crafter, but do you have any sites that cater to dropshippers?

  100. says

    One error, Bonanza is actually also free. You do not have to have a membership to sell there. I have been selling there for many years.
    I did not know about Cargoh, i will check them out.
    I lost my password for Scotts 🙁 I may just make a new store with you guys.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Thanks, Carol! I will research that and update the post. You don’t need to make a new store! You can select “forgot password” when you’re logging in. If you have trouble contact for help. Thanks!

  101. says

    You may want to add to your list. They are all about handmade and custom made products. You do have to pass a review process to get in. The listings are free and unlimited. They accept payments through WePay if you are in the US. They do get a percentage when it sells. Last time I calculated it was about 12% of the sale. So just raise your price to cover it and your’re good to go once accepted. Here is my store there. I also have a store at Etsy.

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