How to Use Facebook Ads to Target Your Next Customer

facebook ads main 2Imagine spending $1.00 and getting back $2.00. That’s what can happen if you use Facebook ads effectively. Yet, if you’re like a lot small business owners, you aren’t sure how to use them properly… or even at all.

Get Found

The simplest way to use Facebook ads is to let your potential buyers know you exist.

Facebook lets you target demographics — age, kids, location, and drill down into the psychographics of your target market. Psychographics is simply a fancy way of saying finding people who like the type of thing you sell.

For example, you can find Downton Abbey fans around Sacramento or cat lovers below the age of 40 who live in downtown Philadelphia.

You can also target friends of people who already like your Page. Psychiatrists say we usually hang out with people who are like us. Makes sense right? If you like yoga, chances are you know other yoga practitioners.

So that’s one reason to target “friends of friends.”

Here’s another reason. If your potential customers see that their friend already likes your Page, they’re more likely to like it too. The reason is you’re already “pre-approved” by their friend.

Of course, once you get noticed, you can keep your new “likes” engaged by mixing it up with interesting posts. If you need ideas, check out this inspiring post on easy post ideas.

Another powerful feature of Facebook ads is that you can target people who like other Business Pages.

You know how you can “like” pages run by magazines, TV shows, and interests? Facebook ads let you target those people.

For example, if you sell healthy dog treats, you can target people who have “liked” “Dogs” as an interest and publications like Whole Dog Journal.

Here’s How to Get Started

Example of website promotion ad3 facebook ad

An example of a Facebook ad to promote Jen’s website for her writing business.

1. Define the Purpose of the Ad — Is your goal to grow your “likes” or to send people to your online store? Your purpose will determine what copy (text) and pictures you use.

2. Decide Your Budget – Plan on spending at least $3-$5/day for an ad for a few days. Start slow and test your ads. When you find a winner you can put more money into it but don’t blow your ad budget at one time.

3. Determine Your Type of Ad – Sponsored posts show up in your newsfeed. You can use these to gain more “likes” for your Facebook Page or to send people directly to your store.

  • You can also promote a specific post with boosted posts. So if you want to showcase a specific product, create the post with a great picture and boost it for a few dollars. Include the link where people can buy it to make it easy for them.
  • More advanced users: Facebook has advanced ad capability with the “Power Editor” tool where you can set up “retargeting” ads. Retargeting means if someone comes to your online store and clicks on a product but doesn’t buy it, you can target that person on Facebook so they see the product there.
  • It’s a bit of an advanced tactic and you can learn more about using the Power Editor here.

It’s a good idea to experiment with different ad types and different goals so you get a feel for what works for your audience.

I’d love to hear your experience with Facebook ads. Please share below.

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