Ready to Combat Facebook Zero? Here’s the First Thing You Should Do

Facebook Zero

By now you’ve likely heard about Facebook’s 2018 Algorithm change (aka Facebook Zero).

But if you’ve been living under a rock so far this year, check this article to get up to speed on what’s happening to your Facebook Business Page.

Go ahead, we’ll wait here.

Ready? OK, now let’s talk about the first — and easiest — thing you can do to combat Facebook Zero for your small business: have your Facebook fans “Turn On” notifications and “See First” preferences for your Facebook page posts.

Turning on notifications for your Facebook page will allow your fans to tell Facebook they still want to see your content.

What does that mean for you? Your posts will still show first to them on their timelines — it’s a win-win!

Ready to combat Facebook Zero? Check out the tutorial below to learn how to turn on notifications for fan pages (in three easy steps!) so you can teach your followers to do the same!

How to Turn on Notifications for Fan Pages

  • Visit the brand’s Facebook page (Example above from The Drive Blog)
  • Hover over “Following.” A drop-down will display
  • Click “See First” In Your News Feed and then click “On (Events, Suggested Live Videos)” in the section underneath called Notifications

3 Ways to Tell Your Followers About Facebook Zero

Now that you know how to combat Facebook Zero, you can easily tell your followers how to do it, too!

Here are three ways you can let your followers know about Facebook’s changes to their timelines. 

1. Post on Facebook

Create a post to let your fans know the change is coming — and how they can still see your content. (A sample can be seen below.)

Feel free to copy and paste the content if you’d like. (We got you!)

Hey Fans!

You may notice less content from your favorite brands and companies (like us) in your Facebook news feeds soon ?. To continue seeing updates from us (and your other favorites), select the “See First” option under the “Following” drop-down menu of each fan page.

(Note: Be sure to show them how to do that in your post with a screenshot, like this one!)

2. Send an Email

Since Facebook’s Algorithm changes could already be impacting the reach of your Facebook content, you may also want to send an email to your customer base.

Let them know about the change, and how they can keep seeing your posts on Facebook by keeping their account settings up to date!

3. Cross-Post on Other Social Channels

You can even leverage your other social media followers to let them know how they can keep their Facebook relationship with you intact.

Post to your Instagram, Snapchat, or even Twitter, and share a screenshot that shows your followers how to turn on notifications for Facebook.

If they are engaged on one channel, odds are likely they will be engaged on another too, so capitalize on where your audience is active!

(Note: Only cross-post to other social channels if your content across those channels is unique. No one wants to see the same content replicated in the same way, or on the same day, on multiple brand social accounts. If you’re doing this… please stop!)

Now that you know how to combat Facebook Zero, will you put this action plan into place? Tell us in the comments!

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