How FedEx Fulfillment Service Is Changing the Ecommerce Shipping Game

fedex fulfillment service

When you run an ecommerce company, shipping products to your customers can quickly become a major headache, especially if you take the task on yourself.

However, there’s a solution designed to help you with exactly that: fulfillment service companies like FedEx and Amazon are designed to take over that component of your business so you can focus on other aspects of it.

FedEx Fulfillment Service: The New Kid on the Block

You may be familiar with Fulfillment by Amazon, the long-standing leader in the fulfillment service space, but there’s a new player to consider: FedEx Fulfillment Service.

It works similar to Amazon’s platform: you ship your products to designated FedEx warehouses, and then FedEx will fulfill orders as sales are completed through your website. You can even get your brand’s logo on the box, rather than FedEx’s logo (Amazon doesn’t currently offer that cool feature).

Benefits Over Fulfillment By Amazon

You might wonder why you should consider working with FedEx Fulfillment Service over Amazon’s fulfillment service, if working with Amazon means you’re getting more traffic and sales.

One common complaint about Fulfillment by Amazon is that, because Amazon is a retailer with its own products for sale on its site, you’re competing against Amazon with your products. And you likely won’t be able to beat out Amazon’s prices.

Let’s say you sell hair accessories, and want to sell them on Amazon and have Amazon fulfill your orders. While you have the potential to sell more products, you are now competing with Amazon, who also sells hair accessories, as well as hundreds of other vendors.

So competition is fierce, and not necessarily in your favor.

Because FedEx isn’t in the retailer game, you’re not shooting yourself in the foot by working with its fulfillment service. All FedEx does is ship your customers their products. If that’s what you need, and you aren’t looking for another channel to sell your products, it’s the perfect fit.

Other Perks

In addition to fulfilling orders, FedEx also offers customers integrated selling, inventory management, and order fulfillment platform that makes it easy to track items, update inventory, and see overall retail trends.

You don’t have a separate system where you sell your products, and then another to work with FedEx. It’s all integrated, which can be a huge time saver. It’s designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind.

And while Amazon is known for its two-day Prime shipping, FedEx Fulfillment Service is ready to compete there: it also offers two-day ground shipping to most US addresses, as well as hassle-free returns.

If you ship a large number of products regularly, working with a fulfillment service is definitely worth the investment. Handing all your shipping and return tasks over to FedEx can actually save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to pay for staff to handle those jobs.

Would you try FedEx Fulfillment Service?

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    I really like how Fedex makes it easy to track packages these days. My son is in a different country for the next couple years and we’ve been thinking about what service we should use to ship our packages. Thank you for the shipping info!

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