Sizzling Fourth of July Marketing Tips That’ll Spark Up More Sales 🎇

Fourth of July marketing

An example from Scott’s Marketplace’s past Fourth-of-July marketing campaign.

Nearly nine in 10 American adults celebrate the Fourth of July. That’s 219-million credit card-carryin’ consumers eating BBQ, watching baseball, and honoring the red, white, and blue.

You don’t have to sell fireworks or powdered wigs to enjoy an Independence Day sales spike. You just need a Fourth of July marketing strategy that appeals to seasonal shoppers (and impulse buyers!).

So, how do you build a great Fourth of July marketing plan? We’ll get there real soon.

But, first, there’s no time like Independence Day to promote the fact that your products are made in America. Just make sure that your products meet the legal requirements for doing so. Here’s everything you need to know about Made in America claims.

And, now, onto the Fourth of July marketing tips! (Hat tip to the National Retail Federation for the stats.)

Get Creative With Themed Party Supplies, Home Decor, & Food

Fairytale Brownies doesn’t need to create a new product just for Fourth of July — they use patriotic-themed packaging instead!

Full disclosure: The vast majority of money spent on Fourth of July is spent on food. Two-thirds of Americans attend Independence Day cookouts or picnics and spend on average $73.42 to do so. That adds up to $7.1 billion in hot dogs and potato salad.

Not too shabby… if you sell hot dogs and potato salad.

The rest of us can cash in on Fourth of July parties by stocking up on and selling out of patriotic party supplies like dishware and decorations.

Trust me. Americans will buy it. Nearly two-thirds of American consumers own U.S. flags and 40% own other patriotic decorations. (Which means you can also whip up some themed decor items for this holiday.)

  • Sizzling Tip: If you get creative, you may not even have to go all in creating new products for Fourth of July. My friends at Fairytale Brownies simply wrap their packages in special seasonal gift bands to goose sales leading up to major events like Fourth of July. (Here’s more on Fairytale’s Hallmark Holiday marketing strategy.)

Focus on Patriotic Apparel & Accessories 

2 Great examples of Fourth of July marketing from Scott’s Marketplace sellers: Kneedles Knots n Bows (l) created an adorable patriotic-themed romper and Big T Ranch (r) created a red nail polish with holographic red, blue, and silver glitter to boost seasonal sales.

Independence Day isn’t a sit-around-the-house kind of holiday. Another tip of the hat to the National Retail Federation for reporting that 43.6% of consumers attend fireworks displays, 13.5% watch a parade, and 13.3% travel.

That’s a whole lot of opportunity to sell patriotic apparel and accessories.

I know what you’re thinking. C’mon, Matt. Just because people are going to a parade doesn’t mean they’re going to buy an American flag T-shirt from me.

Well, I say they will – if you have the right Fourth of July marketing plan in place – because they already own a bunch of American flag stuff.

That’s right.

Just over half of American consumers own patriotic T-shirts, bathing suits, shoes, socks, underwear, jewelry, etc. Here’s a quick refresher on how to sell apparel online.

Appeal to Last-Minute and Undecided Shoppers

Don’t have any Fourth-of-July-themed products? Use patriotic packaging instead, like these cute mailers from wrappingmeup on Scott’s Marketplace.

One of the most interesting things about Fourth of July shopping data is just how casual folks are about Fourth of July shopping.

Less than a month before the holiday last year, only 28% said they planned to buy patriotic merchandise for the Fourth of July. However, a whopping 34% said they were unsure.

Can you imagine if one in three Americans said they weren’t sure whether or not they’d shop for Halloween in October or Mother’s Day in late April? There’s just no way.

In other words, unlike other second-tier retail holidays, Fourth of July celebrants aren’t committed to becoming Fourth of July shoppers… and that opens up all kinds of opportunities to push consumers toward impulse buys.

  • Sizzling Tip: Get unsure shoppers to open their wallets with Fourth of July marketing campaigns (email and social) that promote creative, clever, or cute patriotic products. And don’t forget to stock cool red, white, and blue items near your cash register if you have a brick-and-mortar store.

Your customers will look great at their Fourth of July cookout and that revenue will look great in your bank account. Happy Fourth of July!

What’s your Fourth of July marketing strategy?

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