Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Before You Write, Get It Right

We accept original, super-awesome guest posts on The DRIVE (that haven’t already been published elsewhere).

But before you write — and submit– your post, please check out our guidelines to ensure your post will be a match for us (and take a look at our current posts to get a feel for our brand, tone, and topics too).


  1. Content must be original to our site — written by you, and not published anywhere else.
  2. Posts should be 600 words+.
  3. We prefer content that is unique, funny, edgy, provocative, and/or thought-provoking — but always informative and educational.
  4. Topics can be anything that would be of interest to a small business owner.
  5. Don’t just tell — show. Posts must include actionable tips and not just fluff.
  6. Templates, tutorials, and checklists are encouraged.
  7. Include a short bio (50 words or fewer) with your submission. You can include a link to your website/social media site.
  8. Credit all outside sources appropriately, including links to said information.
  9. We reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines and sub-headings.
  10. Any links included within the body of your post may/may not be removed, depending on content.
  11. Affiliate links within content must be disclosed prior to publishing or they may be removed.
  12. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Sound Good?

Great! To submit your original post for review, click here to fill out our guest blog submission form. If it’s a match, you’ll hear from us within two weeks.