Quiz: Which Seasonal #Hashtags Should You Use (And Why?)

seasonal hashtag guide

Using seasonal hashtags on Twitter is a great way to promote your small business throughout the holidays. It allows you to reach like-minded consumers, as well as engage in relevant conversations online.

To help your business stand out and drive sales during the holidays you’re going to have to get creative with your online marketing campaign.

Answer these questions about your small business (and your holiday-marketing goals) for a tip on Twitter marketing, as well as a few seasonal hashtags you should use.

Other seasonal hashtags to try:

  • #HolidayJoy
  • #HolidaysAreComing
  • #HolidaySavings
  • #HappyHolidays
  • #XmasGifts
  • #Festivus
  • #UglySweater
  • #FamilyGathering
  • #GiveThanks
  • #Christmahanakwanzika

Which seasonal hashtags will you tweet during the #Holidays?

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  1. Jenny Katia says

    These are two hash tags I believe work best in the current trend #HolidaySavings
    #HappyHolidays. People are already in the mindset of going for the holiday. Everyone is preparing themselves for the long holiday. so people would like to know what others are doing in the city. They will search online on twitter by using these hashtags. It is the best way to engage these people on twitter.

    In addition, Holiday is about shopping. The study shows that before holiday people love to go for the shopping. They search online for the offers. That’s the reason why many companies offer huge discount before the holiday. The hashtag #holidaysaving will work best if you are willing to trend your brand in the search. It is easy to remember and the two words holiday and saving also the generic words so chances are it will be in the search result for these words.

    Hope my suggestions will help you to take the decision.

    Thank you

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