4 Free Shop-Local Holiday Images to Help Promote Your Business 🎁

holiday images for local business owners

We’ve got a gift for you this holiday season. Four free holiday images you can use everywhere — from your Facebook page to your email marketing efforts — to encourage shoppers to shop local this year.

It’s up to you to remind shoppers that you’re a local business who needs their support. And sharing holiday images like the ones below is a way to do that!

Be sure to download the full size of each image here since these are a bit smaller than Facebook recommends. (The full size was done according to Facebook’s guidelines but you can — and should — share them anywhere!)

Ready for four of the holliest, jolliest holiday images you’ve ever seen?

1. Don’t Be a Scrooge… Shop Local 

Holiday images, like this one, will make your customers laugh and remind them that they don’t want to be a chain-store-lovin’ Scrooge this year.

Here are a few caption suggestions to go with it:

  • Scrooge shops at chain stores. Don’t be a Scrooge.
  • Get 10% off your holiday purchase using code: NOSCROOGE
  • Say ‘bah-humbug’ to chain stores by shopping local this holiday season

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

2. Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and Shop Local!

Use this holiday graphic to encourage a local-shopping way of life during the holiday season.

Try these captions with it:

  • What’s your favorite way to shop local? Share in comments!
  • Who’s your favorite shopping buddy?
  • Shop local with us and get 15% off your total purchase. Use code: BEMERRY

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

3. Get on the Nice List… Shop Local

No one wants to be on the naughty list. So spread the word about how to get on the nice list with this cute graphic.

Holiday images like this will be fun for your followers to share all holiday season long!

Here are a few caption suggestions:

  • Get on Santa’s good side… shop local!
  • Santa knows when you’ve been sleeping… and he knows when you shop at chains
  • Want 25% off your purchase today? Use code NICELIST

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

4. Thank You for Supporting My Local Business This Holiday Season

Sharing a mix of holiday images throughout the season is a smart strategy. And while the rest of the graphics above will encourage your followers to shop local this holiday season, this one simply thanks them.

Show your appreciation for those who make the choice to shop local by sharing this graphic far and wide!

  • Thankful for YOU this holiday season ❤
  • You’re the reason we’re in business. Thank you for your support!
  • Get $15 off purchases of $75 or more using code #THANKYOU
  • Free shipping & guaranteed delivery by 12/24 because we appreciate you!

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

When you share these holiday images, especially if you’re including a discount code or special offer, don’t forget to include a link to your online store or website where followers can shop.

And if you want to use emojis in your captions like I have here, use a site like this one, to ensure they show up on all devices.

If you need some holiday-marketing tips, we have you covered there too!

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Will you share these holiday images this holiday season? 

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