How Many Instagram Users Are There? Dr. Evil Knows the Answer.

how many instagram users

There will soon be 1 billion… Instagram users

At some point very soon, Instagram will achieve an incredible milestone: 1 billion users.


How many Instagram users did you say?

Yup, you saw that right. And hopefully, you read it in a Dr. Evil voice: 1 billion Instagram users.

Mwah ha ha ha.

Based on a public statement by Instagram’s owners (ahem, Facebook) last September, we already know that Instagram has at least 800 million users.

Some folks predicted that Mark Zuckerberg would announce one billion Instagram users as early as Facebook’s quarterly earnings call last month. Unfortunately, Mark’s agenda for the call was a little, umm, full.

Regardless, we thought it was time to catch up with the latest tools and tactics for a social platform that’s one of our faves — no matter how many Instagram users there are.

3 New-ish Ways to Play With Instagram Stories

Since erasing Snapchat’s five-year lead in the race to own disappearing video, Instagram has continued to roll out new enhancements to its Instagram Stories product.

ICYMI, check out these three new toys for Stories:

  1. If you use a business account and have enough followers, you can add links to your Stories to drive users to, say, a Mailchimp landing page by simply swiping up.
  2. You can now pin Story Highlights to the top of your feed so they don’t disappear after a day like traditional Stories.
  3. No photo or video? No problem. With Type mode, you can now share your words on creative backgrounds without including a photo or video.

Need some inspiration for your first Story? Here you go:

Link in Bio? Try Hashtags and Usernames in Bio Too

As an online seller, you’ve probably pointed followers to an ecommerce link in your bio because of Instagram’s restrictions on link sharing.

As if our bios weren’t already stuffed enough, Instagram recently enabled us to add hashtags and usernames to our bios too.

  • Just click on Edit Profile and add relevant #s and @s to associate your account with the topics and users that you love.

Follow Hashtags to Keep Up With the Latest

Speaking of hashtags, Instagram added the option to follow hashtags in December. When you follow a hashtag, you’ll see top posts and Stories from that hashtag on your home screen.

This makes it easier for us to follow the trends, get new ideas, and engage with other users.

It also makes it easier for new customers to discover our posts… if we use the right hashtags in them.

Reach 1 Billion Instagram Users With Facebook Ads

Facebook reported that 91% of its Q1 ad revenue was from mobile ads. A bunch of those dollars came from Instagram, where 2 million companies including many small- and medium-sized businesses placed ads last year.

If you’re not advertising on Instagram yet, what are you waiting for? You can place your order for Instagram ads inside the same Facebook ads interface you’re probably already using.

To get started, check out our recent guides on setting up your first Facebook ad and retargeting via Facebook custom audiences.

With a little know-how and a few ad dollars, you’ve never been better armed to reach all of Instagram’s nearly 1 billion users.

How many Instagram users will there be by 2020?

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