Instagram Hashtags for Every Day of the Week #YoureWelcome

instagram hashtags to use for small biz

Some popular Instagram hashtags are useless. Learn the right ones to use for your business.

With every dawn comes a new day. And with every new day comes a fresh opportunity to post to Instagram.

OK. You’re probably not thinking about what to post to Instagram as soon as you wake up. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

In addition to evergreen classics like #blessed and #CatsOfInstagram, users have coalesced around a handful Instagram hashtags with a shorter shelf life – 24 hours to be precise.

There are ways to organically work your company and products into these conversations.

Here’s how to get your hashtag on every day of the workweek.

Commiserate or Motivate on #ManicMonday.

Whether your glass is half-full or half-empty, Monday has a hashtag for you.

Monday has always the domain of the office Eeyore. #MondayBlues is an easy way to reach out to folks with a case of the Mondays. Or, if you want to sneak a humblebrag into the conversation, use #ManicMonday to highlight just how busy you are. After all, a busy business is often a growing one.

Of course, in social media, every trend has its backlash. Use #MotivationMonday or #MondayMotivation to put a positive spin on the return of the workweek.

Show Off That Big Brain on #TipTuesday.

If you’ve come this far as a small business owner, you no doubt have knowledge to share – from broad business tips to ideas specific to your product set.

That’s where #TipTuesday comes in. You don’t need a regular column in Forbes to be a thought leader. Go lead some thought by illuminating your followers with tales from the frontlines of small business success.

And, if you just can’t shut down that overflowing fountain of knowledge by midnight Tuesday, there’s always #WisdomWednesday, #WednesdayWidsom, or even #FridayFact to catch the run-off.

Tell ‘Em You Care on #WomanCrushWednesday.

Although you probably post a fair amount of product photos to your Instagram account, you must remember that social media is all about people.

#WomanCrushWednesday or #WCW are great Instagram hashtags to personalize your brand and show some love to a great employee, a steady partner, or a loyal customer. This superficial hashtag’s roots are a little shallow (get it?!) but we can take it over by focusing on the inner-beauty of the folks with whom we love to do business.

Oh, and don’t forget the guys on #ManCrushMonday or #MCM.

Reminisce on #ThrowbackThursday.

Thursday is reserved for the mother of all Instagram hashtags. Twitter popularized #FollowFriday. Instagram gave us #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.

On your personal Instagram account, Thursday is the day for posting embarrassing photos from that one time at band camp. On your business account, share the story of your company’s founding, reminisce about your first sale, or give a shout-out to your longest-tenured employee.

If you’re a bit of a rebel, you can skip Thursday in favor of #WaybackWednesday and #WBW or #FlashbackFriday and #FBF.

Let Your Hair Down on #FridayFunday.

It’s Friday! It’s time to celebrate the coming weekend by letting our hair down with #FridayFunday or #FridayFun.

Friday is a chance to humanize our brand with light-hearted behind-the-scenes images of our companies. It’s also a chance to preview any fun weekend events on the horizon, like your booth at the local farmers market.

Before you clock out, remember that a lot of shopping gets done on the weekends. Schedule some weekend social media postings using #Caturday, #SelfieSunday, or #SundayFunday. And, yeah, #Caturday is just what you’d expect.

One Instagram Hashtag Does Not Rule Them All.

The Instagram hashtags in this post are incredibly popular and incredibly noisy. Use them. But don’t rely only on them.

Instead, do a little research to find a hashtag or two that has lower volume and higher relevancy to your business. For example, my ladyfriend is a vegan chef. You better believe that she posts delicious vegan dishes using #MeatlessMonday every week.

That’s all I’ve got. Now go out there and #DoWork!

What are your go-to Instagram hashtags?

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