3 Bewitching Instagram Tips That’ll Keep Customers Under Your Spell

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When you see a witch in a movie or on TV, they usually have some cool-ass magical powers. They can do amazing things like fly on broomsticks, turn people into frogs, summon a flock of flying, hat-wearing monkeys, and they can even make people fall in love with them.

But witches aren’t the only ones with that kind of magic.

With the right approach, you too can seduce a group of devoted followers. (Not sure about the monkey-summoning thing, however).

Here are a few Instagram marketing ideas that will help you cast a spell on your customers and keep them coming back for more (cauldron optional).

1. Use Some Beauty Magic

Abracadabra! Now you’re hot!

Wait… that didn’t work?

Okay, well maybe you can try the next best thing: Instagram filters. When using Instagram, you have access to some great photo-enhancing tools.

They can do everything from make you look like you’re from the 70s, to making your face look unnaturally smooth and perfect.

But it can also do some great things for your business marketing.

Here’s a few Instagram ideas that’ll make sure your business account is on point:

  1. First, take/share photos that fit with your brand. These can be things like pictures of your work space, your products, your team of employees — even yourself.
  2. Next, you want to pick a color palette that matches your company logo and site colors. Using Instagram filters, you can give your photos a subtle tint or overlay that matches your brand colors. This will make your photos instantly recognizable as part of your brand, which is important with a sea of other photos streaming through your followers’ feeds.
  3. Last, sit back and wow your customers with how beautiful your Instagram looks. Ta-da!

2. Brew Up a Buzz About Your Business

Now that you’ve got a sexy Instagram site, you can just rest on your laurels and watch the cash flow in, right?


That’s just part one, folks. You actually have to start promoting your site all over the place (so grab your broomstick).

Do you have social network icons on the homepage of your website?

If not, now’s the time to start by adding an icon that links to your Instagram page.

You’ll also want to make sure that your other social media sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) all have links to your Instagram page as well to drive traffic from those channels.

Next, if you have employees, you should ask them to promote the site to help create further engagement.

They can add a link to your company’s Instagram page in their email signature, so clients they interact with can find it easily. They can also share it organically through their social sites.

The key is getting the word out about your business to as many people as possible.

And with these Instagram ideas, you can start building a loyal customer base that will want to buy your products and/or services.

Join a Friendly Coven

Sometimes you’ll see a group of witches standing over a bubbling cauldron, chatting up a storm about who cursed that one guy, how many flying monkeys failed to do their bidding, etc.

Another reason they do that is because there is power in unity.

So take a cue from them and join up with your fellow Instagram marketers whenever possible.

You can do this by searching for Instagram community groups online that fit with your niche, or you can join an Instagram Comment Pod.

Instagram groups and Comment Pods can help you form a community around your niche, improve brand visibility, and bring in some organic traffic to your site.

In the end, you don’t have to read incantations from a skin-bound tome or twirl a magic wand to perform marketing magic (you can if you want to, however).

But by implementing these Instagram ideas into your marketing strategies, you can promote your business, attract customers, and keep them under your spell.

Got any other marketing tricks up your sleeve? Share your best Instagram ideas below!

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