6 Instagram Ideas That’ll Score You a Sh*tload of Likes

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A whole sh*tload of likes are coming your way!

What do we all want from Instagram? Likes, comments, some regrams, and, hopefully, a lot of click-throughs to our online stores and websites — amirite?

Check out the six Instagram marketing ideas below to help you get the sh*tload of likes you’ve been dreaming of, and a whole lot more!

1. Borrow From the “Big Boys”

Review the Instagram feeds of the big players. Warby Parker, Ben & Jerry’s, Tory Burch… what are they doing? No, don’t just glance. Really LOOK at their photos.

Notice the backgrounds. How are the products arranged? What’s the biggest factor that sets their account apart from yours? What kind of captions are they using? What hashtags?

Can you think of interesting angles to try in your next photo shoot? Do you need better lighting? Adding a light or two – or repositioning what you have – can mean the difference between a blah photo and a professional-quality image.

You know the quote, “Good artists copy; great artists steal”? That applies here. Use the best elements of popular Instagram accounts you admire as inspiration to make your own posts better, but don’t full-out mimic them.

2. Make Friends

Unfortunately, none of these Instagram marketing ideas are effortless. But what in life is? If you really want to grow your account, you’re going to have to put in the time to make it happen.

Choose two or three other businesses (who already have a decent following) to like/comment and share your images. It’s easy to reach out to people you know and invite them to join your “Instagram Plan.” Explain your goal is to help all of you reach more people and the best way you can do that is help one another by commenting on, sharing, and liking one another’s images.

Likewise, if the content makes sense, share and like the posts of your followers. Leave them fun comments that relate back to your products in some way. If you’re in fashion, compliment their style. If you sell home decor, compliment something you see in the background of their photos, like a painting or their cute red TV stand. It will make them feel special and connected to you.

Business is all about building relationships and Instagram gives you a great opportunity to do that.

3. Choose Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are fun, but do you really need to hit Instagram’s limit of 30? (Overzealous much?)

The whole point of hashtags is to find and categorize topics. Using 30 defeats the purpose of categorizing and makes your post look like a spammy eyesore. Is that really what you want?!

You’ll get found easier for more specific things if you limit your hashtags to 5-11. And make sure you’re constantly checking for relevant, trending hashtags to take advantage of the most popular ones at the time. This site shows you the latest trending hashtags.

4. Add Product Reviews

Have you ever read a product review on Amazon? Yes, right? You’re not alone. Statistics say 70-80% of people trust the brand recommendations of strangers.

If you know a customer purchased from you via Instagram, give them a shout-out on the post featuring the item they bought. (Include their username so they get a notification.) Say something like this:

@ILikeTurtles, what’d you think of this necklace? We hope you (heart emoji)’d it!

Hopefully, your customer will reply favorably, (heart emoji, happy face, thumbs up) and you’ll have a great review featured directly on your account for all to see. (Insert sh*tload of likes here.)

5. Use Video to Stand Out

Movement catches eyeballs. When you grab someone’s attention through video, you have a better chance of making a personal connection because they can “get to know you” a bit better.

Here are three quick Instagram marketing ideas for you that let you take advantage of video!

  • Unboxing your products – Whether you’re a reseller of furniture or sell handcrafted goods, a quick video showing what your products look like in their box (What’s in the boxxx — Brad Pitt in Seven, anyone?) is a fun way to interest people and get them excited about the potential of owning your item.
  • Behind the scenes – If you make a product, you can use video to show the process that goes into choosing fabric/metal/beads/ingredients. It helps bring it to life for your customers.
  • Introduce yourself – You can say, “Hello,” “hi,” “hey, guuuurl,” or “What’s up” to introduce yourself. Remember, this is the time to let your brand’s voice shine through. Whether you’re fun, playful, informal, or superformal, this gives you an opportunity to connect with your potential buyers by letting them see your personality.

6. Use a Call to Action

One of the more obvious, but often overlooked, Instagram marketing ideas is to simply ask your followers to do what you want them to do (AKA call to action) in the photo caption.

  • If you’d wear burgundy leggings this fall, like this post!”
  • Leave a comment letting us know what kind of dog treats your pooch prefers!”
  • Would this painting look good in your home? Share and leave a comment and you just might win it!”

When you show a picture of products for sale, you can also invite browsers to shop by saying “shop now.” People are busy. They don’t know what’s in your head and if you don’t make it obvious what you want them to do next, they probably won’t do it.

So there you are. Actionable Instagram marketing ideas you can implement right away to help you get the sh*tload of likes, comments, regrams, and purchases you want. Now, choose a few and get started!

Which of these Instagram marketing ideas will you use first?

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