How to Boost Your Brand Awareness with an Instagram Takeover

instagram takeover

Being active on social media is important. But it’s hard to keep coming up with quality content, especially when you and your staff have enough to do without worrying about what to post next.

Fortunately, there’s one way you post more new content with less effort and boost your marketing efforts at the same time.

Try an Instagram takeover.

It might sound like a gimmick, but an Instagram takeover is a popular strategy. One company documented their Instagram takeover step-by-step and released a public report explaining their success.

Instagram Takeovers in Action: Kuno Creative Case Study

Several brands have held successful Instagram takeovers. But only an inbound marketing company would meticulously record their progress and present it for your benefit.

Kuno Creative provides a report with unique insight into the company’s Instagram strategy and their impressive results.

Kuno Creative decided to launch a series of employee Instagram takeovers that also doubled as a contest. A new employee took over the company’s Instagram account each week and shared images to showcase #LifeAtKuno.

Their goal was to increase their Instagram following, presence, and activity.

Measuring progress was important not only for the contest results, but to determine if the takeover was a worthwhile marketing campaign.

Kuno’s primary metric was “engagement rate,” measured by the number of likes and comments, divided by the number of new followers gained. The company calculated an engagement rate for each employee’s week-long takeover, with opportunities to win a monthly or grand prizes.

The results?

  • 450 new followers
  • 26 new followers on average each week
  • 14% increase in weekly engagement

With only 300 followers before the takeover, Kuno Creative more than doubled their Instagram audience.

Read more in the write-up from Kuno Creative’s Andrew Osegi.

Starting to wonder if this would work for your business?

Here are six questions you need to ask for a successful Instagram takeover:

1. Why Are We Doing This?

Long before you begin a takeover, your team needs to establish why you want to do one. What are the goals for this campaign? And what metrics will you use to measure them? In other words, how will you know if you’ve met your goals?

Consider whether you’re hoping to increase general brand awareness or if you want to track engagement too. Or maybe you have a specific product, service, or event you’re trying to promote.

Figure this out before you even reach out to potential guest posters.

2. Who Would Be the Best Match?

The next step is asking “Who?” Many takeovers involve an industry expert or influencer. But you can also start small. As we saw with Kuno, employee takeovers can also be effective.

Employees can give your followers an inside look at what goes on in your company and reinforce (or revive) your brand image. Influencers and outside parties can give you access to a much wider audience, and position you as a big player in your field.

Some guest options are:

  • Influencer or Expert
  • Employee
  • Partner business
  • Fan or Customer

Each type of guest comes with unique benefits and can help you achieve different goals. Reach out to the guest who matches your goals.

3. What Are the Logistics?

Once you have a committed guest poster, discuss the expectations you have for the takeover, including duration, post frequency, and type of content.

Take the time for some careful brainstorming about anything that should be off-limits for your account. Naturally, your guest should stay away from touchy subjects like politics and religious beliefs, unless they’re relevant to your brand.

Finally, don’t forget to ask your guest to use any hashtags specific to your campaign.

Hashtags can make it easy for you — and your followers — to find this content later.

 4. How Will We Promote this Takeover?

Now that you’ve made a plan, chosen a guest, and defined your parameters, don’t start your takeover just yet. You need a promotion strategy.

An Instagram takeover is like an event. You should tell followers about it beforehand and generate excitement. It’s courteous to introduce your guest anyway, so why not take a few posts to brag about them?

Include a high-quality photo and a few reasons why your audience would be interested in following this person’s takeover.

Spread the word through multiple channels, and ask your guest to promote to their followers too.

5. Who Are Your Firefighters?

Even though your guest will be running the show during a takeover, someone on your team should be responsible for monitoring your account. They should ensure the campaign is going as planned.

In the event that any fires crop up — like negative comments or an inappropriate post — the dedicated firefighter on your team should be there to mitigate any damage.

This person can perform double duty and monitor the success of your Instagram takeover so that your final step goes more smoothly.

6. How Did We Do?

After the takeover is over, you’ll hopefully have more views, likes, and followers. But the one thing you’re guaranteed to have is data.

It’s time to see how you did. Look at the metrics that were relevant to your goal.

A goal of general brand awareness might track:

But if your goal was greater engagement, you’d be more interested in:

  • Comments
  • Direct Messages
  • Mentions and Tags

Of course, if you were promoting a specific product or service, your key metrics might be traffic to your website and overall conversions. Compare your account activity before and after the takeover for a clear picture of the campaign’s ROI.

Instagram takeovers are a content marketing strategy that requires you to take a break from producing content — how awesome is that?

They can revive your social media accounts and generate new interest in your brand.

Are you ready to try an Instagram takeover yet?

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