Management Tips: How to Lead Your Team to Greatness

management tips

Want happier, more productive employees? We’ve got five simple tips that’ll help you inspire your team to reach their full potential.

A small business is like a little country; but instead of exporting fruits and rice, you export products and customer service. And like a country, all of your employees represent your business on a daily basis through interactions with customers, which means the team you build is incredibly important.

But search as you may, you’ll never find the ‘perfect’ employee. Instead, it’s how you train your employees that leads you to the team of your dreams, and your employee(s) to their full potential.

Not sure how to go about this?

Here are 5 simple management tips to help you reinvigorate your team and refresh your leadership style.

1. Revisit your training methods

If you want a job done a certain way, show your employees exactly what that is.

And this isn’t something that should just be done once, either. As your business evolves, you will hopefully begin to identify better processes, and more effective ways to get the work done. This means communicating clearly with your team on the best way to do a job.

And always, always ask your employees for their feedback. They are the ones who are helping you open the store, run the register, handle the day to day, and close the store again at night. They have a vast wealth of knowledge and insights that you might be ignoring. So in order to make your employees better, make yourself better by seeking their opinions and ideas.

2. Build a positive atmosphere

Nothing kills a person’s positive attitude by feeling under-appreciated. So the next step in your employee training and rehabilitation is to recognize how little, if at all, you are taking time to compliment a job well done.

Much of turning a mediocre employee into a great one is in molding a new attitude, and in the workplace, attitude is set by management. Whether you’re stressed, negative, hopeful, or cooperative, your disposition will inform your employees how they should act. From recognizing and calling out good work, to maintaining your cool in stressful times, it’s your job to make your employees actually enjoy their workplace.

3. Don’t totally destroy a mistake

The worst part of addressing employee mistakes is that your employee usually already knows they did something wrong, and most likely feels not too great about it. And one of the best management tips we can give you is not to fixate on the mistake itself, but rather to try to remain forward-thinking when talking about something done wrong.

The best way to do this is to recognize the difference between one-time mistakes, and mistakes that follow a recognizable theme. It could be that a certain process you have in place is simply inefficient, or that a particular employee struggles with one area of their job duties. Discovering the roots behind what went wrong can help you separate the real from the overblown issues.

4. Encourage employees to explore their skills

The best way to find out if someone is adept at a certain task is to let them try it. And the easiest way to do this is to have each of your employees do every job task at least once, and see what they feel most comfortable with. This doesn’t mean that all of your employees will find their dream job within your business, but they will be able to mix in tasks that they actually like with those they simply have to get done.

5. Finally, give your employees a chance

When the phones are ringing and customers are walking through the doors, you won’t have time to micromanage. So this means the final piece of effective employee training is actually letting them do their jobs without you looking over their shoulders all day.

This is the hardest piece because your business is your creation, and your livelihood. But once you can trust your employees completely, you can refocus your attention on other things. After all, isn’t that the point of hiring someone in the first place?

You already have a great team – making them better is simply a matter of paying attention to your management style and encouraging positive growth. Once every employee is able to represent your business in the same way, your customers will enjoy a truly seamless experience.

 What management tips have you found to be the most effective?

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