3 Clever Marketing Tips You Can Learn From Your Dog

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After a rough (or ruff… get it?) day, there’s nothing like coming home to a couple of excited pups running up to you and giving you gross puppy kisses to perk you up.

Along with the unconditional love they provide, dogs are brilliant creatures that can learn amazing tricks, detect your moods, and even teach you a few clever marketing tips!

Don’t believe me?

Keep reading and I’ll show you how dogs can be a marketer’s best friend.   

1. Learn New Tricks

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

In reality, however, as a dog matures, it can be easier to train because it can focus for a longer period of time. In that same spirit, you should always continue to learn new tricks that will help your business grow.

Don’t know what to work on? Ask yourself the following questions:

Does your website have a blog? It should! 82% of marketers who regularly blog see a positive return on investment from inbound marketing in general.

Know what SEO is and how to use it? If not, this is the year to learn!

With over 100 billion searches made on Google per month, having an SEO-optimized website can help you expand your target audience and even boost brand awareness.

2. Display and Encourage Loyalty

Speaking of brand awareness, getting people to follow and love your brand is something to focus on as a small business owner. As with your canine companion, loyalty is a trait you want to exhibit and encourage in your customers.

Why is brand loyalty so important?

Because when it comes down to it, a loyal customer will choose you (and continue to choose you) over your competitors.

How can you build brand loyalty?

Here are a few ways:

  1. Social Media Engagement. Brand loyalty has a lot to do with your relationship with your customers. When you promote your business via social media, make sure to stay engaged with your customers by answering comments, questions, and concerns honestly and promptly.
  2. User-Generated Content. Try asking your customers for testimonials and/or photos of them using or enjoying your products and services. Your customers will love being in the spotlight, and statistics show that 93% of consumers find user-generated content to be helpful when making a purchasing decision.
  3. Customer Experience. One of the most important aspects of building brand loyalty involves your customers’ total experience, from start to finish. By making sure your marketing, packaging, and customer service are all on point, you can feel confident in knowing that you are providing an excellent customer experience.

3. Have a Sense of Humor

There’s a reason you see so many dog videos on Youtube — dogs do some incredibly hilarious (and often unexpected) things.

Next time your dog gives you a silly look before wildly sprinting around your living room, think about how you can convert that silliness into your marketing efforts.

Adding a sense of humor into your marketing is so effective because it can capture the attention of your target audience.

More importantly, if you can make someone laugh (or even let out a little chuckle), that experience will be tied into their memory and your business will be associated with a pleasant emotion.

Tips for using humor in your marketing:

  • Don’t try to emulate someone else. You want your marketing to reflect who you are and what your business is about.
  • Appeal to your target audience. As you interact with your audience, pay attention to what they like, who they follow, and what cracks them up.  
  • Use good judgment. Avoid insensitive jokes and off-putting humor, as that could end up hurting your brand image in the long run.

Whether you are just starting your small business or you are still growing, your dog can teach you many things about marketing and life in general. 

As a marketer and as person, it is important to keep learning, to be loyal to those you care about, and to do something silly every once in awhile, just like your pup.

So next time you see them looking up at you after a long day, make sure to give them a couple of scratches behind the ear, some of those treats they really enjoy, and a heartfelt thanks for the marketing inspiration.

What marketing tips has your dog taught you?

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Greg Kummer is a dog-loving, video game-streaming, freelance writer. He's also the founder of Last Light Copywriting, a freelance copywriting service that helps companies build their brand, get more leads, and boost sales with compelling and effective content.

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