How to Attract Mobile Shoppers This Christmas (And Get Them to Buy!)

mobile shoppersIf you’re reading this blog (or at least occasionally glancing up from your smartphone at the real world) you already know that mobile shopping is on the rise.

A recent survey by Facebook found that 17% of U.S. consumers will do most of their 2017 holiday shopping on mobile devices.

(Meanwhile, 33% will do most of their Christmas shopping in-store, 29% will mostly use their computer, and 19% will share the wealth among all three experiences.)

That’s a lot of mobile shopping – tiny keyboards, poor data signals, ad crappy mobile layouts be damned.

With that in mind, here’s how to attract more mobile shoppers this Christmas.

Who the Heck are These Mobile Shoppers?

Perhaps not surprisingly, young people are driving the trend toward mobile-first Christmas shopping. Nearly 60% of all mobile-first shoppers are under 35 years old.

But that’s not the only demographic that’s disproportionately mobile.

  • Lazy men. While women are only slightly more likely than men to prefer shopping on their desktop or in-store, nearly two-thirds of mobile-first shoppers are men. Yes, we’re lazy. We get it.
  • Busy parents. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of mobile-first shoppers are parents. No one would accuse parents of laziness. They’re just too busy raising kids to get to the store.

So, if you sell Christmas gifts for kids or for women, you better have a strong mobile game.

What do Mobile Shoppers Want for Christmas?

Whether they’re shopping on their desktops or on their smartphones, ecommerce buyers want certain assurances… and deals.

Here are the top five needs of mobile-first shoppers:

  1. Order online, pick up in store. Remember, foot traffic is a good thing. Get your impulse buys ready!
  2. Free gift with purchase. A treat yo-self cherry on top is a great way to close a holiday sale.
  3. Price match. This is more relevant to big-box stores, but think about how you might get price checked.
  4. Coupons, obvi. How can you use discount codes to drive conversions from your marketing efforts?
  5. Customer service. Highlight your contact info and return policies on your product pages.

What the Heck are Mobile Shoppers Doing In-Store?

Mobile-first shoppers do their holiday shopping on their couch, on the commode, and on the park bench while their kids play on the swing set.

They also do some of it in your store. Nine out of 10 mobile-first shoppers use their smartphones while inside brick-and-mortar shops.

Here’s what they’re doing:

  1. 46% are comparing prices or products.
  2. 38% are looking for coupons or discounts to use in the store.
  3. 37% are reading online reviews.
  4. 36% are reviewing their shopping list.
  5. 34% are taking product photos to review down the road.

Great! So, How Do I Get More Mobile Shoppers This Christmas?

You’ve got the data. Now it’s time to take action.

Here are few ways to reach more mobile shoppers this Christmas:

  • Make in-store products – and reviews of those products – easy to find online.
  • Consider how your product copy and images display on smaller mobile screens.
  • If you’re running Facebook ads, be sure to include mobile in your targeting.
  • Take out your own smartphone and review your website’s mobile experience.
  • Really push those kids’ products in your mobile advertising and communications.

Now, go get ’em, tiger. Happy holidays!

How will you attract mobile shoppers this Christmas?

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