How Nature Created a Conscious (and Successful) Entrepreneur

Ostara Organics

Cheyenne Moondancer’s move from Washington to Colorado brought with it new challenges. The elevation change and Cheyenne’s ongoing thyroid issues resulted in dry skin, loss of hair, and cracked fingernails.

Fortunately, the natural beauty of her new surroundings inspired her to innovate.

Using the natural ingredients she found around her home and grew in her own garden, Cheyenne began creating the toxin-free personal care products that are now available to other conscious consumers under the Ostara Organics brand.

We recently exchanged emails with Cheyenne to learn more about her company and how she uses social media to grow her online sales.

The DRIVE: When did you start your business and what inspired you?

Ostara organics soap slices

Cheyenne: I started my business on May Day (the first of May) in 2011. Ostara Organics is all about Eternal Spring and Eternal Easter, which is my favorite holiday. It’s about sunrise on a brand-new day in a beautiful garden we call Earth. All of these ideas represent the renewing power of nature and natural products to replace the toxic world we have created.

The DRIVE: That’s beautiful! Is this your first business, or have there been others?

Cheyenne: I own my own in-home non-medical care business helping seniors and those who are differently-abled. That business gives me the capital I need to fund my Ostara Organics products.

The DRIVE: What’s your favorite part of the job?

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Little (soap) slices of heaven from Ostara Organics.

Cheyenne: I just love playing with all the different scents and recipes available in the world. It’s so much fun! And it really makes a difference for my customers. I believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put in it.

The DRIVE What are your business goals for the next year?

Cheyenne: In the coming year, I’d really like to expand the availability of my products. That would include more physical store locations and more online venues like Scott’s Marketplace. Growth is always challenging because it is expensive. Of course, it is as exciting as it is pricey!

The DRIVE: What’s the biggest benefit of managing an online shop on Scott’s Marketplace?

Cheyenne: I’ve had some nice, large orders through Scott’s Marketplace. It’s a great product. I love how easy it is to set up your online shop through the business owner interface.

The DRIVE: You’ve said social media is an important part of your online marketing efforts. Do you have any advice for your fellow business owners?

Ostara Organics 2

Natural lip balms from Ostara Organics

Cheyenne: Keep at it! Even if some of the efforts seems fruitless at first, it will pay off over time. I have a daily to-do list for posting to social media. I post once on Facebook, once on Twitter, once on Pinterest, once on Instagram, and once on Google+. Post just once per day per social network and eventually, you’ll be at the top of the social media world!

The DRIVE: What one product are you especially proud to offer via Scott’s Marketplace? Tell us about it.

Cheyenne: The product I like to share most is the Ostara Organics Bath Sampler Box. It’s a beautiful gift full of fun scents for bath time. Plus, it’s only $6.99! What a fun gift to give and a fun gift to receive! It’s a great way for first-time customers to check us out.

That sounds like a great addition to bath time! Thank you so much for joining us and good luck with growing the Ostara Organics footprint in the coming year.

Use Cheyenne’s Tips to Boost Your Own Sales

As you can see, social media is very helpful when it comes to promoting your business and getting more sales. Start out slow if you’re new to it but stick to a schedule as Cheyenne does and you’ll get the hang of it more and more each day.

As you get more comfortable, you can post more and try out new sites to find the ones that are most effective for your business!

Leave your questions for Cheyenne of Ostara Organics below.

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