Why Pinterest Needs to Be Your Next Big Marketing Move

Pinterest statistics

Pinterest is the ultimate rabbit hole — a never-ending abyss of recipes, party decoration ideas, fashion suggestions, beauty products, home decor tips, pet products, children’s toys, vacation essentials, and… well, this list could go on forever.

Basically, no matter what you sell, somebody is probably looking for it on Pinterest.

But before you put a lot of time and energy into setting up a presence, consider these Pinterest statistics from Pew Research Center’s 2016 report that 31% of internet users use Pinterest.

Age of Pinterest users:

  • 18-29 (36%)
  • 30-49 (34%)
  • 50-64 (28%)
  • 65+ (16%)

Gender breakdown:

  • 45% of online women use Pinterest
  • 17% of online men use Pinterest

Pretty much every age range is pinning their pants off — or at least spending a considerable amount of time on this social media site, which is promising for sellers no matter who their demographics are.

And while Pinterest still draws a predominantly female crowd, check out this interesting stat, courtesy of Pinterest’s blog.

  • 40% of new signups are men
  • 60% of new signups are women

Yes, men are getting lured in by Pinterest in increasing numbers, so don’t count this site out if your demographic is male.

But Are They Buying? 

People are pinning, no one can deny that. But are they actually buying what they’re browsing?

Check out these encouraging Pinterest statistics from their 2017 survey:

  • 87% of Pinners bought something because of content on Pinterest
  • 55% of Pinterest users shop on the site
  • 88% of Pinners discover new ideas on the site
  • 70% of Pinners search, save, or click — they’re not just browsing
  • People start planning purchases on Pinterest three months before they use other platforms

Amy Vener, Retail Vertical Strategy Lead at Pinterest wrote:

People are more likely to shop on Pinterest than on other platforms. That’s because Pinterest guides people through the shopping journey, from that first moment of inspiration to the final purchase.

And What Are They Buying?

Pinterest is literally filled with everything — from decorations for Bar Mitzvahs to seeds for your garden — and users are shopping across categories like crazy. (This is thanks to the ease of the site and the ability to have as many themed boards as you want.)

Here are a few Pinterest statistics you’ll find very… pinteresting.

  • All retail (50m Pinners)
  • Home (28m Pinners)
  • Hair & Beauty (23m Pinners)
  • Apparel (21m Pinners)

What Are You Waiting For? 

It’s time to dust off that Pinterest account you’ve been ignoring — or finally create one if you’re still holding out.

These Pinterest statistics show that everyone from your niece to your grandma (and maybe even your grandpa) are pinning, which gives you a unique opportunity to reach a wide variety of people who are actively looking to purchase.

Pinterest is free, but you can pay to play with Promoted Pins to help increase your odds of getting purchases.

Don’t let your marketing efforts grow stagnant — trying new things or even reviving old avenues — will always be a necessary part of your strategy.

Plus, Pinterest is fun and, at the very least, you might fall down a rabbit hole yourself and discover something you can’t live without, like new kitchen tile or hiking shoes for your dog.

Have these Pinterest statistics convinced you to give it a whirl? 

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  1. says

    It’s actually shocking how regularly visitors from Pinterest go on to buy something. If you’ve been doing social media marketing for any amount of time you’re well aware that most visitors from social media just end up browsing (at best) and rarely buy, but Pinterest users are completely different. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of Pinterest users must use it to get ideas of things to buy – almost like a form of “pre-shopping” or something.

    • Shannon Willoby says

      Right! Personally, I have used it for the exact reason you state — mostly for home decor ideas, fashion, and beauty. But every time I have been ready to buy and just searching for the right item, which I feel is the case for many users.

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