How to Sell Apparel Online: Social Data You Need to See!

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No two businesses or industries are the same. So why do we accept one-size-fits-all social media advice?

ClearVoice, a content management service based in Phoenix, recently analyzed 640,000 social posts from 142 publishers across 14 different industries or categories. (Request the full study.)

The list of industries included a few that may be of interest to readers of The DRIVE – style and fashion; home and garden; beauty, health, and wellness; and food and beverage.

Over the next few months, we’ll take a deeper look at each category. Today, let’s dive into style and fashion.

Here’s data-backed tips on how to sell apparel online.

Want to Sell Apparel Online? Learn From the Best

In the style and fashion category, ClearVoice analyzed 43,548 social posts from publishers Fashionista, Vogue, Fashion Toast, Hellogiggles, The Blonde Salad, and Glam Meets Glam.

These folks know a thing or two about reaching fashion-conscious shoppers online.

By following their lead, you’ll be better positioned to create social media and content marketing approaches tailored for your unique audience.

Which Days See the Most Social Shares in Fashion?

Some industries see high peaks and low valleys in social activity throughout the week.

For example, nearly half of all shares in the food and beverage category come on Sundays. Who knew?

Style and fashion is pretty darn consistent.

  • Thursday is busiest with 16.5% of shares.
  • Saturday is slowest, but not by much, with 12.5% of shares.

Takeaway: Maintain a consistent drumbeat of social posts throughout the week. Yes, even on the weekend. If you don’t want to spend your Saturday posting to Facebook, use a tool like Hootsuite to pre-schedule your posts.

What Social Channels Do Apparel Shoppers Prefer?

Facebook is still king with 50% more content shares than Pinterest in the style and fashion category.

Whereas other consumer industries like home and garden and food and beverage lean heavily on Pinterest, Facebook is still your buyers’ social channel of choice for fashion and style content.

Takeaway: There’s a lot of buzz around Pinterest in part because it’s so popular among women. However, if you’re looking to sell apparel online, you’ve gotta see through the hype and keep an active present on boring old Facebook.

Which Types of Fashion Content Get Shared Most?

Content comes in many shapes and sizes these days – from traditional articles and instructional how-tos to Buzzfeed-esque listicles, infographics, and online videos.

Wanna sell apparel online? Your audience probably loves short articles with infographics and long-form listicles of more than 1,000 words. Those types of content are shared most often in the style and fashion category.

Takeaway: You don’t have to be a professional designer to create a good-looking infographic. Canva is an online design tool providing infographic templates, stock images, and more – all for free.

Do you have advice on how to sell apparel online?

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