Sell Bath and Body Online? Stop Scrolling and Read These Tips!

sell bath and body online: tips for e-commerce sellers

Whether you’re selling car parts, yoga classes, or beauty supplies, most social media advice you’ll receive is one-size-fits-all. But the advice doesn’t take into consideration your unique product category.

But selling fragrances, soaps, and makeup online is fairly different from, say, selling garden hoses. The product is different. The audience is different. The marketing better damn well be different.

Fortunately, ClearVoice, a content management service based in Phoenix, recently published a bunch of juicy category-specific data for how to sell bath and body online.

(We previously broke down ClearVoice’s data on how to sell apparel online and how to sell home décor online. Or, go right to the source and request their full study.)

Social Media Advice: How to Sell Bath and Body Online.

ClearVoice assessed what they called the beauty, health, and wellness category by analyzing 39,648 social posts from publishers Self, Alive, Wellness Mama, Health, Living Pretty Naturally, and The Organic Beauty Blog.

These folks are publishers, not online sellers. They’re not actually selling bath and body products, but they’re well-versed in driving bath and body buyers to click through to their content sites.

By following their lead, you’ll be better positioned to create social media and content marketing approaches tailored for folks most likely to buy beauty supplies, fragrance, hair products, makeup, skin care, candles, etc.

So, here we go!

Which Days Receive the Most Social Shares in Bath and Body?

Nearly 40% of all shares in bath and body occur on the weekend. That makes it the most weekend-heavy category behind food, drink, and hospitality (which leads for obvious reasons) and education and nonprofit.

Meanwhile, weekday sharing is pretty steady between 11% on Monday and 14% on Thursday. No major troughs.

This makes all kinds of sense. Weekends are when busy women – especially moms – finally have a little downtime to browse social media on their smartphones and tablets.

  • Takeaway: Create a great piece of content during the week and schedule it to publish on Saturday or Sunday morning. Or publish images or live video from your weekend farmers market or sidewalk sale. Here’s a whole post of tips for weekend social publishing.

What Social Channels Do Bath and Body Audiences Prefer?

Unlike some female-focused categories like style and fashion, beauty and wellness sharers love themselves some Pinterest. Pinterest drives 3x more beauty and wellness shares than Facebook.

The only categories that have a heavier slant toward Pinterest over Facebook are food and drink and home and garden.

  • Takeaway: You better get your Pinterest game on point. Fortunately, bath and body lends itself to the platform… and it’s not just because we’ve got pretty product photos. For Pinterest content ideas, keep reading…

Which Types of Bath and Body Content Get Shared Most?

Our audience may like great product photos, but they really like motivational and instructional content. Pinterest is great at delivering both in the form of pull quotes and infographics, respectively.

Further, ClearVoice found that bath and body buyers are more likely than others to share long form how-to articles – especially when they’re attached to videos. Only the real estate category is as interested in online video.

  • Takeaway: Your category is perfect for how-to pieces – from makeup application tutorials to perfect half-hour ab workouts. Think about how your product fits into the how-to world and break out your digital camera. It’s show time!

Share your advice for how to sell bath and body online!

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