If You Sell Home Décor, You Need to Read These Statistics

sell home décor online

Is selling home décor online the same as selling apparel? Of course not!

Alas, some “gurus” will tell you that social media advice for one category is applicable to another.

It’s not… and we have the data to prove it.

ClearVoice, a content management service based in Phoenix, recently analyzed 640,000 social posts from 142 publishers across 14 different product categories. (Request the full study.) The data provides awesome insights for how to sell into your category.

We’ve already looked at how to sell apparel online. Today, we’ll offer up data-backed tips on how to sell home décor online.

Social Media Advice: How to Sell Home Décor Online.

In the home décor category, ClearVoice analyzed 5,379 social posts from publishers Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, Good Housekeeping, and Martha Stewart Living. These publications know how to reach folks who love to nest.

By following their lead, you’ll be ready to create social media and content marketing approaches tailored for the home décor audience.

Which Days Get the Most Social Shares in Home Décor?

Nearly half of all home and garden shares come on Sundays and Tuesdays. Sunday seems obvious. That’s when we’re browsing for home improvement ideas.

Tuesday is a bit more surprising to me. Perhaps that’s when we’re prepping our wish lists. Any other ideas?

Meanwhile, the two slowest days for home and garden shares are Wednesdays and Thursdays. In fact, no day in any of the 14 categories studied performs as poorly as Thursdays in home and garden.

So, yeah, Thursday may be a good day for you to unplug.

Takeaway: Create a great piece of content mid-week, but don’t post it yet! Use Hootsuite to schedule it to publish on Sunday morning when folks are browsing Pinterest over coffee looking for ideas.

What Social Channels Do Home Décor Audiences Prefer?

Pinterest is the king – or queen? – of social platforms for home and garden and drives 6x the number of social shares as Facebook.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Duh. Of course Pinterest is big for a product category that’s very visual and appeals to women.

Well, the style and fashion category sees 50% more shares on Facebook than Pinterest. Plus, the only category that’s more Pinterest-heavy than home and garden is food and drink.

And that’s why we look at category-specific data. 🙂

Takeaway: Pinterest, obvi. Not sure where to start? Here’s a Pinterest primer.

Which Types of Home Décor Content Get Shared Most?

Based on their sharing habits, home and garden junkies seem to have more patience than most. Maybe it’s all those hours putting sweat equity into their homes.

The top-performing content types in the category are articles and listicles of at least 1,000 words. As reference, this article is about 500 words long.

Yeah, that’s a lot of reading.

Takeaway: Perhaps more than any other category, home décor shoppers are looking to be inspired. A great way to present a lot of ideas (and potentially earn a shopper’s Pin) is a listicle. Eight ways to add color to a white room. Twelve amazing uses for throw pillows. Four fabric patterns we just can’t get enough of.

You know the drill. Now get writin’!

Post your tips for how to sell home décor online!

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