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sell kids products online

With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, it’s time for sellers of children’s apparel, toys, and other kids’ products to study up and build their game plans.

Unfortunately, most studying would fail to result in lessons specific to reaching their targets – parents – because most social media advice out there isn’t customized per audience. It’s one size fits all.

It doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to Phoenix-based content management service ClearVoice. They recently analyzed 640,000 social posts from 142 publishers across 14 different content categories, including parenting. (Request the full study.)

So far, we’ve used this data to dive into how to sell apparel online, how to sell home décor online, and how to sell bath and body online.

Now, let’s pull some data-backed tips on how to sell kids’ products online.

Social Media Advice: How to Sell Kids’ Products Online.

In the parenting category, ClearVoice analyzed 33,684 social posts from publishers Working Mother, Positive Parenting Solutions, Cup of Jo, Thrifty Nifty Mommy, Babble, and Mom Junction.

Although these publishers aren’t driving social media users to an ecommerce store, they are driving traffic to articles and videos on their content sites.

So, by following their lead, you’ll be better positioned to create social media and content marketing approaches tailored for folks most likely to buy kids’ products for during the holidays, leading up to back-to-school, or anytime in between.

Which Days Receive the Most Social Shares in Parenting?

First things first… Avoid posting on Mondays and Wednesdays like the plague.

ClearVoice’s analysis covered 98 total days (7 days for each of 14 content categories), and only five days dip as hard as Mondays and Wednesdays in the parenting category.

On the other hand, sharing is pretty steady from Thursday through Saturday before peaking at 15.1% of shares on Sunday.

Takeaway: Save your content for the weekend! You can still create it during the week. Just don’t publish it until Sunday morning. Here’s a whole post of tips for weekend social publishing.

What Social Channels Do Buyers of Kids’ Products Prefer?

Parents are far more inclined to share content on Pinterest than Facebook.

Pinterest drives almost 50% more parenting shares than Facebook.

This may seem obvious, but, believe it or not, some female-focused categories like style & fashion actually lean toward Facebook. We’d never recommend ignoring Facebook (obviously), but be sure to stay active on Pinterest.

  • Takeaway: To succeed on Pinterest, you need good visual media, including great product photos and interesting infographics. Check out these product photography tips from actual online sellers.

Which Types of Parenting Content Get Shared Most?

Parents are busy and distracted. If you’ve been to a city park in the last few years, you’ve seen moms and dads with one eye on their smartphones and one eye on their kids playing.

It’s no surprise then that listicles (5 Hot Trends in Kids’ Fashion) and articles with infographics (Back-to-School-Shopping Checklist) perform best among parents.

They need content that’s easy to skim and that makes its point fast.

  • Takeaway: Keep your blog posts, emails, and social posts short and scannable. After all, parents are damn busy with those kids.

Share your tips for how to sell kids’ products online!

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