Here’s How to Get Involved With SHIFT10 Day (And Why You Should!)

Shift10 day 2017

Shopping local isn’t just a cool, new trend. When you shop local, you support small businesses and you’re helping to keep money in American communities.

For this reason, Scott’s Marketplace has created a national holiday that encourages people to support small businesses by shopping local more often.

SHIFT10 Day is a national holiday that brings shopping local to the forefront of American culture! People who take the pledge agree to shift 10% of their everyday spending toward small, local businesses instead of big-box chain stores. 

And while we celebrate on 10/10 every year — SHIFT10 isn’t limited to one day — it’s a year-round initiative to remind people about the benefits of shopping local.

Want to get involved? Here are four ways you can be a part of SHIFT10.

1. Take the Pledge

Help us reach our goal of one million pledges to shift 10% of your everyday spending towards small, local businesses and away from big-box stores. Take the pledge!

2. Spread the Word

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share the love of supporting local with your customers, friends, and family.

And don’t forget to hashtag SHIFT10’s social media channels in your posts!

3. Become a Partner

Contact us for partner opportunities! In return for your support, we can feature you in a SHIFT10 newsletter, include your store on the SHIFT10 site, and more!

4. Show Off Your Support

Grab yourself a tote bag or sticker from our store on Scott’s Marketplace. They make great customer gifts and giveaway prizes!

Remember, today is the big day, but you can continue your support throughout the year!

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