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Small Business Resources Roundup CowboyAs we’re heading full-steam into 2013, we thought now would be the perfect time to look back on some of our most popular posts of 2012. The topics that got the most traffic last year ranged from banking advice and management tips to the benefits of shopping local.

By doing a roundup of our best blog posts, we’re able to better understand what topics interest our readers (local business owners like you) the most. This will allow us to continue to create the type of content that is not only relevant to your company, but gives you the small business resources you need to succeed.

Check out our four most popular posts of 2012 below:

# 1 – Bank Reconciliation: 5 Easy Steps to Balance Your Account

We can’t pretend we weren’t a little surprised that a post about bank reconciliation was our most-popular post of 2012. But, then again, the author of this post, Dwight Fujimoto, does know his stuff when it comes to finance. Although a dash boring, (you can say it) this post is thorough and incredibly helpful to those looking to learn how to reconcile their business banking accounts. Check it out if you missed it the first time around!

Can’t get enough of Dwight’s financial tips and tricks? Be sure to read his other posts:

#2 – Your Employees Hate You and It’s Probably Your Fault

Need a little help motivating your employees? You might want to work on your workplace’s culture! In 2012’s number two most-popular post, we address the issues facing many small business owners: How to keep your employees productive and happy while ensuring they remain loyal and invested in your company’s success.

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#3 – Teach and Preach: 4 Big Benefits of Shopping Locally

Coming in at number three was a post about what you can do as a small business owner to teach your customers the benefits of shopping local. We not only included tips on how you can do this, but ‘tweetable’ stats and quotes, as well as great shop local images that are yours for the taking. Remember, shopping local benefits us all – we’ll continue to spread the word in 2013 and hope you do the same!

Here are more small business resources that touch on the importance of shopping local:

#4 — Small Business Advice: Make 2013 Profitable

Finally, our number four most-popular post for 2012 addressed the topic of how to make more profit in the coming year. Setting tangible goals, refining your customer service policy, and embracing new technology were our suggestions.

Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already, and take a look at the following post while you’re at it:

Tell us: What other small business resources and topics would you like us to focus on in 2013?

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