Video Is Smoking Hot for Small Business and These Stats Prove It 🔥

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Fluff It Marshmallows (pictured) is a great example of a small business that uses videos to keep customers excited about upcoming sales, new products, and behind-the-scenes fun.

Americans have been in love with moving pictures since Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, but video consumption really took off with the explosion of 4G smartphones in the last five years.

Most Americans today have a miniature television in their pockets. They demand entertainment, dammit, and as marketers we can give it to them with smart small business videos.

Eric Hinson, the Founder and CEO of video production firm Explainify, recently offered the following stats on the video marketing opportunity to Convince and Convert.

  • 52% of marketers name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates outperform other content.
  • 76% of marketers plan to use video to boost their brand awareness campaigns.

These stats show that video is the rising star of your marketing mix. Let’s look at a few ways you can hop on the business video bandwagon without breaking the bank on production.

1. Go Easy on Production. Record. Publish. Repeat.

You’re probably already questioning whether you have time to create small business videos. And, hey, I get it.

Fortunately, these videos won’t be submitted for entry into the next Star Wars trilogy. In fact, you’ll get plenty of return on your effort by transforming basic blog or social content into a video – especially if you can think of a nice visual hook.

A few ideas:

  • Interview a customer, employee, or partner using Google Hangouts.
  • Tour your store or local farmers market with a handheld camera.
  • Walk your audience through the production process of a single item.
  • Look into your laptop’s web cam and opine talking-head style.

Don’t waste time scripting, recording, and editing. Outline it. Film it. Publish it. Get back to your busy day.

2. Slow Down, Scorsese. Ninety Seconds is Enough.

Winston Churchill once said, “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

The same goes for small business videos. The optimal length is whatever it takes to cover the topic without droning on.

Generally speaking, a video of between 90 seconds and three minutes should cover your topic. If your topic requires more time, you might considering splitting it up into a series of two or three videos.

3. Videos Without Eyeballs Are Worthless.

Just like other forms of content, video is only as good as the eyeballs it draws. Don’t film it until you’ve considered how you’ll distribute it.

If you’re already active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, you have a built-in audience. Just keep in mind that each channel has its own unique features and requirements. Be sure to optimize for each.

Don’t forget to post your best videos to your website and promote them to your email list. According to Hinson, videos can increase the chance of a first page Google result by up to 53x. And videos have been shown to double click-through rates in email campaigns.

4. Feeling Adventurous? Then F*ck It, We’ll Do It Live!

Given the proliferation of live social video, you might consider following the, ummm, lead of frustrated Bill O’Reilly and just do it live.

Facebook Live is probably the most powerful live social video option available to most small businesses. You may not become a viral sensation like Chewbacca Mom, but you should manage to grab a few eyeballs for a few seconds or even a minute or two.

Other live video options include Periscope (a Twitter subsidiary), Instagram, and YouTube.

Have you created any small business videos?

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    Lovely reading Matt! As a digital marketing analyst, I always recommend my clients to add a short video of at least of 20-30 seconds for marketing purpose, as you state that 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates outperform other content so therefore in adding to that I recommend small scale business owners to must invest some of their captal in online video marketing as it is the best approach to reach to your potential customer more effeciaently and deliberately.
    Thanks for sharing such an insigtful resource!
    Keep up the good work Matt!

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    Hey Matt! I appreciate your efforts and research you did writing this article, it’s really amazing and very informative. I think almost every business requires a video rather it’s big or small and Online video marketing is like a weapon that could conquer the market for you only if the audience likes the way of endorsing.

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      Thanks Scarlett! If you have a good collection of tips or tricks, perhaps we can repurpose into a blog post (with citation back to you, of course). I’m @mattmeanders on Twitter.

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