When It Comes to Smart Marketing, Be Like a Sloth

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You might think to capture more market share that you need to be quick to make decisions to beat out the competition. The opposite, in fact, is true.

I say that when it comes to making smart marketing decisions, take inspiration from our sluggish friend, the sloth.

Don’t see the parallel? Let me sloooowly explain a few ways you can be more slothlike in your business, to great success.

1. Wait Before Jumping on Trends

Probably by the time I finish typing this sentence, we’ll have three new social media sites at our disposal. Or a new trendy digital advertising tool. But I urge you: rather than getting excited about this new, shiny toy, wait and see how it works out for everyone else.

Case in point? Vine. People spent a lot of effort trying to figure out how to use these 6-second videos to their advantage, and then the site shut down. Pay attention to which marketing tools are actually making money themselves, because those are the ones that will be around in a year.

Jumping into marketing trends before they’re proven often just wastes your time and money, and then frustrates you when it’s not as fruitful as you’d hoped. There’s a reason why content marketing has longevity: it works. It’s evolved over time, to be sure, but it hasn’t been a flash in the pan.

So hold out, my sloth friend, and make sure that others are seeing positive results from new marketing trends before you invest the effort.

2. Think Twice Before Making a Move

Don’t you wish your marketing was slow like me? Don’t cha?

A sloth never does anything haphazardly. He knows it’s going to take him eeeeeons to cross over to that nearby branch, so he thinks long and hard to ensure that it’s really what he wants to do. You should take note.

Again, there’s this weird desire that entrepreneurs have to make rapid decisions without really thinking them through, but when you take time to consider your next step? Now that’s smart marketing.

The next time you set a new marketing or sales objective, consider all the paths you can take to get there. Maybe you want to double sales this year. You could invest $10,000 in advertising… or you could try to amp up your social media and content marketing efforts for free. By giving the decision a little more thought, you might find a way you don’t have to go broke to accomplish your goals.

3. Watch Others Carefully

Sloths are an observant race, mainly because it takes too darn much energy to move. But they see a lot while the world is zooming past them. By being mindful and deliberate, you might notice mistakes that the competition is making, or potential market share they’re leaving on the table.

When you watch rather than do, you’ll pick up on these opportunities. Once you assess them, decide how you will turn them into success for your business.

There are definite advantages in going slow like the sloth. Your decisions get better, and your smart marketing delivers improved results and higher conversion to sales.

What’s an example of how you are slothlike in your smart marketing?

About the Author

Susan Guillory

Susan is the president of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing and social media firm. She’s written three business books, and blogs about small business on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, The Marketing Eggspert Blog, and Tweak Your Biz. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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