Poll: Would You Use Snapchat Marketing for Your Small Business?

snapchat marketing poll

Snapchat has 158 million daily users according to Expanded Ramblings, but the age range of the average user might surprise you.

The people sending the most Snapchat selfies aren’t freshmen in high school like you might’ve thought — they’re in the age range of 18-24 (37%), and the age range of 25-34 isn’t far behind at 26%. (Source: Statista)

Here’s how the rest plays out:

  • 13-17 (23%)
  • 35-54 (12%)
  • 55+ (2%)

Depending on the age range for your target market, Snapchat might be an option for you — especially since it seems to be captivating quite a variety of ages.

But just because it’s an option doesn’t mean you should spend your time on it. Share your thoughts in our poll and then tell us if you’ve dabbled in Snapchat marketing before — and if you’d recommend it.

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