Become a Social Media Guru With These 23 (Tweetable!) Tips

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Social Media Day is on June 30 and it’s time to party like a social media guru.

Hey, put your pants back on. It’s not that kind of party.

Mashable organized the first Social Media Day as a global celebration of, well, social media back on June 30, 2010.

Eight years later, there are events worldwide. For example, Social Media Club Phoenix is hosting a day of free sessions and workshops followed by an Arizona Diamondbacks game. If you’re in Arizona, check it out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live near a Social Media Day event to party like a social media guru.

Just check out these 23 social media ideas from social media gurus, small business owners like me, and actual online sellers just like you.

They’re all tweetable so feel free to share on social!

5 Social Media Ideas for Creating Killer Content

  • “Don’t spray Twittarrhea. Post often enough to be remembered, but not so often that you overwhelm.”– @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Keep your social current. No one wants to read old news unless you’re selling history books.” – @copkettlebakery (Tweet this)
  • “Stock up on holiday content now! Here’s how consumer behavior shifts from #BlackFriday to New Year’s Day.”– @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Don’t constantly sell on your social media platforms. Intersperse value posts as well.” – @FreyasGarden (Tweet this)
  • “Use hashtags on #Twitter and #Instagram. Here are a few good ones for every day of the week.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)

4 Social Media Ideas for Using the Right Tool for the Job

  • “Level up your #socialmedia designs with #Canva’s drag-and-drop editor and free layouts, photos and fonts.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Why spend more? Schedule posts and run basic reports for up to three social profiles for free using #Hootsuite.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Sharpen your #socialmedia skills in five minutes a day with Google Primer.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Don’t sleep on #Twitter. 66.4% of users who follow a #smallbusiness on Twitter have found a new one there too.” @mattmeanders (Tweet this)

5 Social Media Ideas for Engaging Your Audience

  • “Small business is all about connection and humanizing business. Get personal.” – @bunkyboutique (Tweet this)
  • “Ninjas, gurus, and ghosts. Oh my! Unfollow these four people on #Twitter today.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Involve your followers in your social media posts. A small product giveaway never hurt anyone.” – Amber Mund, Crazy Couture Crochet (Tweet this)
  • “Stay on top of indirect brand mentions using search filters on a free tools like #Tweetdeck or #Hootsuite.” — @mattmeanders (via @theDRIVEblog) (Tweet this)
  • “If you ask people to like, share, favorite, or comment, return the favor by doing it for them as well.” @WixWaxCandleCom (Tweet this)

4 Social Media Ideas for Getting Sh*t Done

  • “Conquer #onlinereviews in just 20 minutes per day. How? Just do as @daniellemin does.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Connect via your mobile. Customers appreciate prompt responses to questions or orders.” – Candace Cieszynski, Garden Candy (Tweet this)
  • “Don’t go quiet on the weekends. Publish to #socialmedia in real time or preschedule your posts. Here’s how.” @mattmeanders (Tweet this)
  • “Pay someone else to answer FAQs, respond to basic feedback, and escalate complex issues to you. Here’s how.” — @mattmeanders (Tweet this)

5 Social Media Ideas for Making Better Photos and Video

  • “Make sure your (product) pictures are clear. People buy with their eyes before they buy with their wallets.” – @WixWaxCandleCom (Tweet this)
  • “Don’t waste time scripting, recording, and editing #onlinevideo. Outline. Film. Publish. Get back to work.” — @mattmeanders (via @theDRIVEblog) (Tweet this)
  • “A smartphone and a basic photo-editing app is KEY for social media, but you need a good camera for product photos.” – @HELLOhappy (Tweet this)
  • “If your topic takes more than two minutes to cover, split it up into a series of #onlinevideos.” @mattmeanders (via @theDRIVEblog) (Tweet this)
  • “For lighting, I take my pics outside in the morning light or in my dining room when the afternoon light comes in the windows from the side.” – @MelanieFinkner (Tweet this)

Share your best social media ideas below!

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