How to Get Your Customers to ‘Buy Now’ on Social Media Sites


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There’s a rising trend online that you need to be aware of: social media selling. Now, I’m not talking about using social media as a channel to market to customers, hoping they’ll buy.

I’m talking about actual buttons and functions that let people make a purchase from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account.

Why You Should Consider Social Selling

When you think about it, it makes sense to capture people where they spend a ton of time. After all, if people are spending, on average, 50 minutes a day on Facebook, isn’t it in your best interest to capture their attention (and money) while they’re there?

Social media selling lets people buy your products directly on Facebook who maybe don’t want to leave to go to your website.

The Social Selling Options You Have

We’re seeing more social media channels incorporating Buy Now button functionality. Here’s an overview of the sites that are currently offering this service.


It used to be that you could link to a product on your website on your business’ Facebook page, and people would have to click the link to buy the product.

Now, Facebook developers have wised up and now incorporate a Buy Now feature directly on your page. You can even use payment processing to accept debit and credit cards without redirecting shoppers to another page.


While still under the radar, Twitter’s Buy Now function integrates with ecommerce tools so that all your sales data, from both Twitter and your website, are compiled into your ecommerce software.


While it’s only available to advertisers at this point, the Shop Now functionality on Instagram solves a problem that businesses have been frustrated with since the start: it’s never been easy to get a clickable URL on a profile. Now, users can click from a sponsored post to make a purchase.


Now in addition to being able to pin a product to their board, users of Pinterest can also buy products with Buyable Pins. These prominent blue buttons make it easy to complete a transaction from within Pinterest.

Not Sure Where to Start? Here’s Some Help…

Each built-in social media selling tool requires varying levels of technical expertise. If you don’t have a tech guru on hand, consider working with a third party that can help you set up your Buy Now buttons on any given social media channel, as well as integrate it into your ecommerce system.

Once you’re set up, you yourself should be able to update product info or switch out what you’re offering for sale.

You might not want to make all of your products for sale on social media at first. Start with your best sellers and see how they fare. And realize that simply throwing a Buy Now button on your profile won’t automatically generate tons of sales.

You may need to advertise to get the boost in visibility that will lead to sales.

Social media selling can be an excellent additional source of revenue, if you’re willing to invest the time and energy in getting it set up.

Have you tried social media selling? What have the results been?

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