Want to Stop Email Marketing? These Stats Will Make You Reconsider

stop email marketing

Each launch of a new chat app or social media platform seem to throw a bit more dirt onto the grave of email marketing.

Perhaps even you are considering whether or not to finally stop email marketing on behalf of your small business.

Hold your horses, partner.

The numbers are in and, no, it’s still not time to stop email marketing.

Email marketing service provider Emma interviewed 200 of its customers and 25 marketing thought leaders for their Email Marketing Industry Report.

Here’s what they found:

  • 58% will increase email marketing spend in 2018.
  • 47% said email delivers better return on investment than any other platform.
  • 64% would do even more if they only had more resources.

Convinced not to stop email marketing? Great! Here’s how to tune up your email marketing program this year.

What Email Marketing Technology Should I Use?

For my money (which is limited), the go-to email marketing platform is MailChimp. It’s free for folks with fewer than 2,000 email subscribers, plus it offers great features like shopping cart integration, landing pages, popup forms, and email automation.

If budget isn’t a concern and you want a more robust (and complex) solution, be sure to kick the tires on Infusionsoft and Hubspot.

Just be ready to budget up to $200 per month plus pay an upfront onboarding fee.

What Should I Actually Say in My Emails?

I get this question all the time. Folks who are new to email marketing aren’t sure what to say. Folks who’ve been doing it for a few years run out of good ideas.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get those creative juices flowing:

  • What pain is my customer experiencing? You don’t sell custom-knitted scarves. You sell stylish warmth. See what I did there?
  • What am I selling? There’s nothing wrong with reminding folks that you sell for a living. Highlighting a top seller or a product of the month is a great way to drive revenue.
  • Who are the people behind my business? Your business is not just a logo. It’s you, your employees, your partners, and your customers. Personalize your business by giving them some love.
  • What’s going on in my community? One of your biggest competitive advantages against the big-box stores is that you truly care about your community. Show it!

Need a little help getting subscribers to open your emails? Try this post:

Oh, and What’s the Scoop on Email Automation?

Email automation is one of the best ways to get more from your limited time spent on marketing.

With automation, your email service provider sends prebuilt emails automatically to subscribers based on their actions or unique data.

A few examples of email automation include:

  • Emails offering a coupon code to thank you for subscribing.
  • Emails you receive around your birthday or anniversary.
  • Emails reminding you that you haven’t logged into an app in 90 days.

Automation may seem like an expensive or complex tactic. Fortunately, MailChimp recently released four basic email automations to all its users – even those of us on the free plan.

If that’s not enough to overcome the urge to stop email marketing, I don’t know what is!

Will you stop email marketing this year or have these stats convinced you to keep on truckin’?

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