2 Strangely Effective Twitter-Marketing Tips From Stranger Things

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Looking for a solid throwback to the 80’s?

Well, the Netflix original Stranger Things nails it, smacking you right in the kisser with a left hook of nostalgia. Everything from the characters to the scenery, and even the synth-heavy music — it’s all a glorious homage to a simpler time.

But along with feeling like you’re watching a Steven Spielberg movie, Stranger Things has so much more to offer. It may sound like a stretch, but this show can even teach you a little something about how to boost your Twitter-marketing efforts.

Curious to see how?

Then let’s explore…

Here are two strangely effective Twitter-marketing tips you can learn from Stranger Things.

1. Be an Eleven

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Eleven (a main character of the show) is a young girl who has psychokinetic powers. That means she can move shit with her mind (her mind, guys!) and even make people’s eyes bleed just by looking at them.

Needless to say, Eleven is a total badass!

Now, you may not be able to mentally move objects around (wait… can you?!), but you should strive to represent something awesome — especially when it deals with your business.

In terms of Twitter, that means you want to build a strong brand image.

Here are a few ways you can accomplish that:

  • Pick a short, simple, and memorable Twitter handle. The more concise your Twitter handle is, the less likely your customers will struggle as they type out @amandashandknitsweatersasdfjkl. @amandassweaters is fine.
  • Use your company logo as your profile picture. If you have one, a company logo is a great way for customers to identify and remember you by.
  • Choose the right header image. Don’t settle for using a random header image — whether it’s a picture of you or your office, make sure it fits with your brand and represents your business.
  • Keep your bio simple. Twitter gives you 160 characters to describe your business, so use them wisely. In your bio, make sure to clearly describe what your business is about, and what value it can provide your customers.

If you focus on implementing or improving these small details, you can build a strong brand image, which will help you establish trust with your customers and help you improve sales.

2. Let the Right People In

As someone with such incredible powers, you can imagine how hard it is for Eleven to trust anyone.

But eventually, she befriends and develops a deep bond with a group of boys and is able to trust them with her secret and her life. Similarly, you want to engage and bond with the right people. That means building a connection with those who are most likely to visit and purchase from your store or website.

To help you do that, make sure you never… 

  • Buy followers. Buying followers just to boost your numbers is an ineffective way to build your business. Many of the purchased followers are either not interested in your products or services or their accounts are inactive.
  • Mass follow. Following a bunch of people in the hopes they will follow you back is a time-consuming process. It can also make you look desperate and hurt your brand image.

Instead, you should try…

  • Providing high-quality content. By consistently posting high-quality and actionable content on Twitter, you will be able to organically attract new followers.

Focus on providing value by sharing a variety of content such as helpful tips, best practices, and/or entertaining memes that are related to your business.  

  • Reaching out to your competitors’ followers. You and your competitors likely share a similar type of customer.

See who is engaging with them on their page, and reach out to those customers through Twitter. From there you can find out if you can help them in a way your competitors can’t.

  • Host a Twitter chat. Trending hashtags can turn viral at a moment’s notice. If anything else, it can help drive some engagement to your Twitter.

Start by choosing a hashtagged keyword or phrase and insert it within your tweets. Then, ask your followers to tweet out this hashtag when referencing your company and your products or services.

Make sure to engage with the customers who shared your hashtagged word or phrase so you can build a relationship. Heck, you could even win over some new followers! #simple

What other Twitter-marketing tips from Stranger Things would you add?

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