4 Marketing Tips Learned from Kylie Jenner’s Rise to Superstardom

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Love her or hate her. Either way, you know about Kylie Jenner, sister of ridiculously famous Kim Kardashian.

We’ve talked about the Kardashian brand before, but have you ever wondered why Kylie specifically has skyrocketed to fame?

Well, you’re about to find out! Here’s what you can learn about successful marketing from Kylie Jenner.

1. Hang out where your target audience hangs out.

Kylie knows that her fans are super active on Snapchat, so you can find her updating her story there multiple times every day. She has pretty much become the queen of Snapchat. Heck, Snapchat even recently put a crown emoji next to her name!

successful marketing kylie snapchat

So, wherever your audience hangs out, make sure you have an active presence there. Not only will this help you boost engagement – it’ll help you gain a better understanding of your customers and how you can meet their needs.

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2. Own your weirdness.

Kylie’s edginess makes her stand out from her sisters. She’s known for her unique style, her tendency to change her hair, and – of course – her lips!

She could’ve easily given into pressure to fit in with the way her sisters dress and act, but she didn’t. Instead, she owned the qualities that make her different and capitalized on them.

That’s what you need to do too. Figure out what separates you from your competitors, and work on highlighting those qualities when you market your businesses. By doing so, you’ll be able to stand out more easily and create a memorable brand.

3. Use exclusive content to drive sales.

If you haven’t heard, Kylie and her sisters each recently created their own apps where they show exclusive content. Without a doubt, Kylie’s is the most popular.

Of course, she still shares lots of easily accessible content on social media – if she didn’t, her fans probably wouldn’t buy the app. But, by offering something exclusive, she gives her biggest fans an even more satisfying peek into her everyday life.

The lesson here? When you’re creating a content marketing strategy for your business, give away lots of content that pleases your audience, but don’t forget to create some exclusive content too.

For example, to gather email addresses so you can build your email marketing list, offer a piece of content (an eBook, worksheet, infographic, etc.) that can only be obtained by submitting an email address. If the content is tailored to attract your target audience, you should see them happily submitting their emails in no time.

Your audience gets awesome content. You get their email addresses. It’s a win-win.

4. Get personal.

We’ve already talked a bit about how Kylie captures her daily life to share with fans every day on Snapchat, but did you know that she actually features some of her fans on her Instagram feed?

It’s true.

successful marketing kylie instagram

As a result, she comes across as relatable and her audience feels more connected to her. Plus, Kylie is pretty open about her life/personality on social media in general, and that makes her followers view her as more of a friend than some out-of-touch celebrity.

Like Kylie, avoid being too stuffy and out-of-touch when you’re marketing your brand. When you put your true self out there for the world to see, you’ll give your target audience a reason to keep interacting with your business — and that’s the definition of successful marketing.

What did you learn about successful marketing from Kylie Jenner?

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