4 Free Shop-Local Thanksgiving Images You’ll Gobble Up

thanksgiving images shop local

Looking for Thanksgiving images you can post on Facebook that’ll encourage your fans to shop local? We’ve got you covered.

We created four custom images that you and your fans will gobble up — and we even included some caption suggestions too.

So go ahead, spread the good shop-local word this November by sharing these adorable Thanksgiving images on Facebook (and Twitter, and Instagram, and Pinterest, and Snapchat, and well, you get the idea!).

Be sure to download the full size of each image here since these are a bit smaller than Facebook recommends. (The full size was done according to Facebook’s guidelines but you can — and should — share them anywhere!)

1. Don’t Be a Turkey — Shop Local 

As we all know, it’s easy to default to chains throughout the year — and on holidays like Thanksgiving too. After all, Target sells everything from food for Thanksgiving dinner to autumn-themed door mats. (And there’s one on every corner.)

That’s why it’s important you remind your social media followers to shop local on a regular basis.

We’ve made this easy for you to do with fun Thanksgiving images, like this one, that’ll make your followers smile (and remind them that small businesses rely on their support to survive).

Here’s a few caption suggestions:

  • Only turkeys shop at chains. Get 20% off your order using code: SHOPLOCAL
  • Thank you for making the choice to shop local this November ?
  • Will you be livin’ la vida local this November?

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

2. Chain Stores Are for the Birds

The best Thanksgiving images to share are ones that will make your followers laugh — which means they’ll be much more likely to share them with their followers too.

Help spread the shop-local message far and wide by posting this adorable image on your social media accounts.

Try these captions with it:

  • Tag your favorite shop-local buddy in comments
  • Think chain stores are for the birds? Share how you’ll shop local this year.
  • Use code TURKEY to get 15% off your order now through Thanksgiving

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

3. Chain Stores Can Stuff It

We’re all thinking it — isn’t it time someone said it? Chain stores can stuff it! This funny — and sassy — image for Thanksgiving is perfect for sharing all month long.

Here are a few caption suggestions:

  • Yeah… we went there. Chain stores can stuff it!
  • Share if you agree! ?
  • Tell chain stores to stuff it this November by shopping local instead.

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

4. Thank You for Shopping Local 

November is about thankfulness, so Thanksgiving images that show appreciation for your social-media followers and customers are perfect to share.

Try these caption suggestions:

  • We appreciate you! Get 25% off your order today using code THANKYOU
  • We’re thankful for your support of our local business
  • We ❤️ you for shopping local

Want to use this image? Download the Facebook-recommended size here.

Which of these Thanksgiving images is your favorite? 

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