ZMOT What? 3 Ecommerce Buzzwords You Need to Know for 2017

Between attending business school and working in the Fortune 500, I earned my extreme distaste for buzzwords.

Alas, I’ve gotta give them a little dap. If the busy bees are buzzin’ enough about some new business term, it’s probably worth understanding (even if you’re not going to mindlessly repeat it in casual conversation).

That’s why today we’re going to dive into three buzzwords that every online seller should get to know – ZMOT, micro-moments, and showrooming.

Get ready. You’re about to get buzzed!

1. ZMOT: How to Own the Zero Moment of Truth

The internet has revolutionized how we decide what to buy. Back in the day, the purchase decision came standing in the grocery aisle as we compared the Froot Loops and Cheerios boxes.

Today, the purchase decision is made much earlier and it almost always starts with a search – either in Google or on an ecommerce platform like Amazon, iTunes, or Scott’s Marketplace.

That’s the Zero Moment of Truth. And it’s up to you as a seller to win that moment against your competition.

Protip #1. Recognize how a buyer would search for your product.
Sure, you need to optimize your product page and website for plush monkey. But you also need to optimize for stuffed animals and gifts for kids to ensure your product show up at just the right moment.

Protip #2. Consider how your product appears in search results.
Make sure that your image, headline, and copy differentiate you against similar products and display properly given character and image size restrictions in search results.

2. Micro-moments: I Touch You Once, I Touch You Twice

Over time, our access to long chunks of our buyers’ attention spans is slowly being taken away. First it was social media. Then it was smartphones. We just don’t get undivided attention much these days.

However, thanks to the very same technologies, we have more and more opportunities to influence our buyers in micro-moments.

In other words, we may not get them to read a whole blog post or even drive to our brick-and-mortar store. But we can touch them over and over and over again as long as we’re interesting, helpful, and not annoying.

Protip #1. Opt buyers into multiple channels.
An Instagram fan is good. An Instagram fan who’s given an email opt-in is even better. By getting buyers into more channels, you broaden your access to their attention. Just be sure to offer different content on each channel.

Protip #2. Use technology to scale and automate.
Use marketing automation software to scale your email nurture and customer retention efforts and scheduling software to maintain weekend social media.

3. Showrooming: A New Era for Brick and Mortar

Showrooming, or the act of researching in-store and then purchasing after finding a better option online, scared the hell out of many brick-and-mortar sellers at the dawn of the mobile age.

After all, brick-and-mortar stores struggle to compete on price due to higher overhead costs.

On the other hand, some retailers like REI embraced the trend by offering free Wi-Fi in stores. They essentially challenge shoppers to compare because they know their products sell themselves.

Protip #1. Make your store a destination.
In addition to offering free Wi-Fi, REI offer knowledgeable sales staff (No Ludgates!), free workshops, and a library of books for adventuring planning. Is your store a must-stop shop?

Protip #2. Highlight your product reviews and ratings.
Showrooming shoppers are often just validating their decision by seeking out product reviews. Make it easy by showcasing online feedback in your physical store.

Are you considering using ZMOT, micro-moments, and showrooming?

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